Thursday, January 12, 2017

I told you Chuck Schumer is a Conservative

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Have I not been telling you that Senator Chuck Schumer is a Conservative, and is so much more conservative than those frauds in the GOP?

Look at West Virginia Manchin, a Democrat who votes like a Reagan  Republican, and his quotes on Chuck Schumer asking him to be on the Democratic Leadership team..........ah a reminder that there are more Conservatives on the Democratic Leadership Team than on McConnell's.

Manchin, who calls Schumer a friend, said the two men were talking after the election when he articulated to the New York senator how he felt about the results.
"I told him, 'I have to be honest with you, the far Left is not speaking for me or the conservative Democrats I represent. I am an American first. As far as the D and the R goes, well that comes way down on the list for me,'" he said.
"I am there [in the Senate] to get things done. And I am going to get things done, but if you think Bernie is going to be preaching the mantra of who I am, well that is not me."
Manchin said he told Schumer he planned on vocalizing his positions if things get heated. "If Bernie is wrong, I am going to be speaking out hard and strong against him," he said of Sanders.
"Schumer's response was if I felt that strongly about it, why didn't I join his leadership team?
"And that is how I got to be in leadership," he said.

Manchin is the Democrat who kicked Hillary Clinton to the curb, and caught royal hell from West Virginians in being called a Traitor, when Hamrod pissed all over West Virginian coal.

So there you have it, the sophisticated Charles Schumer in the United States Senate. Cementing power with the American People, while playing the cover of big city liberal.

He is the secret weapon of Conservatives inside the Democratic Leadership.