Wednesday, January 4, 2017

i was sumbuddy once

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You do remember the dead John Kennedy right? No not the Grassy Knoll one, but the one who was assassinated by a bomb in his airplane, in order to bring about the theater of the past 8 years of Birther Obama and Hamrod Clinton as the feudal leftists  trying to steal enough votes for the White House.

As in all things Lame Cherry, this is another exclusive in matter anti matter in things you never thought about or ever would, but in the solace of this January, we should remember what the world John John Kennedy would have brought democrats to and all it took to bring the vision again to the White House in President Donald Trump, after Birther Hussein squandered the Kennedy legacy of Teddy Kennedy's death bed transfer of power.

We read of the absolute upheaval of the Democratic party in the disaster of 8 years of Obama and the running of crooked Hillary Clinton, which brought the party of Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey to ruin. One only has to think of that unbalanced Muslim, Keith Ellison of Minnesota running the DNC and the bizarre sell out Bernie Sanders in his voters to be a straw man, to see how Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Barack Obama have obliterated the party of the working man and made it a party of the billionaire oligarchs.

What is the Democratic party? I ask what are the guts of it, because it has lost it's mind and has no heart, so what are the bowels of the Democrats which no one is going to explain, save the Lame Cherry.

The "democratic" party ceased being a very long time ago. It is now a party in 2017 which will have image Obama being the ghetto queen, Charles Schumer as the golden prod of power, Bill and Hillary Clinton vying to make Chelsea the first twat lipped President above and below the bondage belt line, and those upstarts who are being kept around to prowl their wares in Amy Klobacher to Poco Warner, all Cassius backstabbing for their places in power.

Always the factions to appeal to the lemmings, so that they think they are making choices, but it is always the Brzezinski option of the cartel, as the public is wowed by image Obama posturing as grey haired Uncle Bam, the Clintons prowling around in the shadows in making deals for Chelsea, and the Schumer prostitutes all auditioning for 2020.
See this is all about the reality of pretending Chelsea is a politician to be Vice President, and whatever figurehead is being positioned to put chops into the position of Chelsea as Vice President or Chelsea as running on a ticket as Vice President to be President in 2024.
It all depends upon can they impeach Donald Trump, and weaken Mike Pence enough that the cartel will dump Pence in order to shear the Americans of their Trump prosperity under Chelsea Clinton.

Sure there is Jorge Bush, but this is about the Neocon left and not the Neocon center feudalists in the image Obama pooch and pony show, as the only interesting part is who is bending over far enough to believe all the promises of 1600 Penn to offer themselves up as leader of the debt world, as they take young Chelsea under their wing to mentor her.......yes BS, but everyone wants to believe they are the chosen one.

The reality is for Chelsea though is New York is clogged in pretty Gillibrand and leader Schumer, so the reality is for Chelsea Clinton she is going to have to move, and the place for her is California to replace Diane Feinstein in the Senate.

So that is the theater, image Obama sayin' he used to be somebuddy, and a caste of waiting to die occupants of 1600 Penn Avenue in Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and the ghoul feeders who get lied to, to be the next Bernie Sanders.

Seems so complex, John John Kennedy as President in 2008, ending Bush fam, Clinton fam, and no image Obama, and having put into place Trump prosperity........and perhaps a few assassins from 1963 in prison and ruined, but it is Hillary Clinton not being President as it turned out, and Chelsea being promoted as the next 4 twat lipped hope of liberalism.

I suppose some wonder what it would be like to be image Obama until the clock runs out telling the world it used to be sumbuddy, like Jimmy Carter and the rest of the ilk auditioning for infamy to oblivion.

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