Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Operation Changeling

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There have been certain references to Operation Gladio, a World War II, Cold War extension of guerilla warfare, which has been initiating false flag operations in the United States.

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There is though another reality in the same Plamegate and Watergate intelligence group set ups of President Richard Nixon and President George W. Bush, which are being coordinated, exactly as the 100 Days programme against candidate Donald Trump, which involved the Neocons, Cruzlings, the Obama regime and Hillary Clinton, and it is meant to engage after the Inauguration of President Trump.

All the active participants as in Speaker Paul Ryan are not privy to the entire details, but are waiting to "take advantage of the situation" in order to leverage President Trump. It is a matter for the lords and the priests to understand the psychology of the groups and then offer then the solution by events, which they will perform of their own accord.

Think of it this way, in the Obama fellow travelers who set upon the Tea Party from the IRS with no direct orders from Obama. Think of the Obama fellow travelers who set out against LaVoy Finnicum in that assassination. Think of the corruption of the FBI involving Emailgate in providing carte blanche for Mrs. Clinton. Think of a nation of changelings who have been for a generation, been embedded all throughout American government, industry, education and religion in deep cover to steer the cartel policies of American genocide, to shockingly appear as Peggy Noonan in 2008, Glenn Beck in 2016, when their orders were given to act out.
Think of 3 million federal employees who were hired by psychological profiling to gain specific like minded conscripts, and one has the changelings for the Manchurian regime which President Donald Trump faces.

Revisit Plamegate, which arose from Secretary of State Colin Powell and his stooge Richard Armitage who actually leaked Plame's name to Robert Novak, and Vice President Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby, had absolutely nothing to do with it.
Powell was supposed to be President in the coup, and Armitage skated without one charge, because they had intelligence cover for this operation against Vice President Dick Cheney to have him removed.

Once that reality settles in, you can comprehend what is established in multiple operations against President Donald Trump for his impeachment. Fully understand that Richard Nixon broke not one law in Watergate, but the Tavistock protocols projected that Richard Nixon would become involved in managing the aftermath, and that is what Watergate was designed for in a coup against Richard Nixon.

President Trump is not going to have any actions which he is involved with which will be illegal, but several scenarios are being initiated to embarrass and steer President Trump away from the areas which are his focus in peace with Russia, border security and making America great again. Their will be feints in this as distractions to keep his people busy, but his Trump Trans are destined to be out of the loop, until the time comes for Mike Pence to be the "voice of reason" with the Ryan Traitors in Congress to give the charges which are already written the democratic weight to remove President Trump.

I have not had time to inquire on this completely, as this is only a surface read, but you know this is there. You know the Obama fellow travelers, the Neocon traitors are allied in this, with Pence as the voice of reason when the time comes to betray everyone. You know that image Obama has in position his operatives as much as the Jeb Bush loyalists and they are ready to amplify a President Trump directive to involve criminal activity.

If you require a historical example, consider President Reagan in humanitarian concern over Western hostages taken by Muslims coordinated out of Iran in Lebanon, and Mr. Reagan's tough policy of removing communists from the American sphere in aiding the Contras, somehow after President Reagan was shot, ended up exactly where it was intended to be managed by George H. W. Bush, and Oliver North, where the goodwill release of hostages by Muslims for better relations with America, suddenly became Hawk SAM missiles being sold to Iran and the money was illegally laundered to fund the Contras in Central America, which created the Iran Contra Scandal.
President Reagan knew absolutely nothing about this operation and was disgusted by it. Reagan knew no more about Iran Contra than Vice President Dick Cheney knew about Valerie Plame's name being leaked. It was all a cartel set up for a coup, and that is what is awaiting President Donald Trump and how this operation will be engaged against the Oval Office again.

As stated, I have not had time nor energy to pinpoint this or these events, but begin by publishing the reality of the operations in how they are established and will be engaged in, in the hope again of changing this time line to save the Presidency of Donald Trump for the peaceful continuation of relations with Russia.
To state what is being cooked, will in hope ward it off, or so cause a backlash when it does take place, that the culprits engaged this time, will all be arrested.

Interesting as I began publishing this, blogger was busy alerting me I had company collecting the live feed of what I am typing here. The McCain expose' garnered a great deal of attention from that syndicate, and someone is paying a great deal of attention to this exclusive again.

I hope to have enough energy to get a fix on this, but trying to survive the week without power, the deaths of stock, worry and the funeral experience, with another storm today as I did not know if we were going to make it home from errands, is setting things back, as I simply try to keep the blog publishing. I have a series on Chuck Yeager which I need to fill in, but my head hurts tonight from the cold and I need rest at this moment, so it suffices at this moment to alert that there are changelings with definite orders in Trump Trans, the Neocons and the Obamatons, who are setting up a scandal for a few inflected tight spots, to provide an "easy solution" to be signed off on, which the New York Time and Washington Post are going to drive as a story and the Schumer underlings will rant about, as John McCain cackles with Lindsey Graham over "what Trump got into" as they solemnly express concern about hoping it is not as bad as it looks.

I will try and inquire to the facets of this, but the feel of it, is that it is out there. They will misdirect, then in chaos implant the impeachment, and then you will know it as the players erupt with it. Do not forget that Iran Contra broke in the Lebanese press in that sophisticated betrayal of President Ronald Reagan.

For now, nuff said