Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It is not Fukushima, but Asian Industry killing the World

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a deep appreciation for those who have covered Fukushima in the Japanese reactor which melted down and is producing a toxic effect in the waters off Japan, but in stating this in features on the Rense program documenting a great deal of this, and the ocean die off, the Lame Cherry is a short mind course direction to get everyone on the right page is going to explain what is really behind the "nuclear" signatures appearing in America and what is making the Pacific north a toxic cesspool.

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Fukushima has a very small part in this, and if it was just Fukushima, the 1% of this pollution would be nothing the Pacific could not deal with. The problem as the Lame Cherry exclusively exposed previously is CHINA  INDUSTRY, along with the other sub Asian toxic industrial zones, which included India.

Chinese tourists seek 'lung cleansing' trips as smog worsens...

See  China burns coal and waste. Just as Frac sludge in North Dakota sometimes has high concentrations of nuclear signatures, China has the same problem with coal in other earth elements. Coal not only belches this into the atmosphere creating nuclear fallout in America, but there is far more "waste" coming out in the cinders of coal plants and metal production and you know that is not in some waste pit on the mainland, but is being dumped into the rivers and the oceans as their disposal area.

On a smaller scale Americans once dumped all their wastes into Lake Erie and killed that lake in the 1960's dead. There was no life in it. Scientists claimed in the day that it would not be alive for hundreds of years, but nature heals things and in a few years of when the pollution stopped, fish appeared, and in a decade people were eating fish  from the lake again in being completely safe.

It is Chinese industrial toxins which are killing the Pacific along with other Buffett and Soros toxic Asian nations, who removed American companies to Asia, as Asia has people to use up and no environmental protections.

America and the West are being polluted by Chinese smokestack emissions. Odd how no one talks about acid rain in China, but certainly promoted that farce to ship all American industry to China.

This is your course correction, so that you understand what is killing the Pacific and what is polluting America. China is an economic disaster, as is India, and they are not only polluting their corner of the world, but it is now polluting the world.

There are estimates that each year 180 billion tons of sewage finds it's way into the oceans yearly. The Chicoms have had their industrial boom for 20 years, so one can understand how almost 4 trillion tons of toxins into an ocean is the problem and not a radioactive signature out of Fukushima is alone producing this.

The reason none of this is Green Peace protested, is because the cartel funds all of these animal right / Obama Climate Change fraud to impoverish America, so this conglomerate can rule the world instead. It is only American 'waste' which is pollution, the nations killing the planet produce the profits directly into the cartel bank accounts, so none of this is ever made public.

Now it is.

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