Tuesday, January 17, 2017

One Might as certain Indict Image Obama


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The stance of the Lame Cherry on this post is typical to the positions championed here, as it is John Adams ideals, in people should not be railroaded for political expediency and John Wayne in no one should be left to the wolves who does not deserve it.

The story of this Noor Salman, the wife of the Orlando Gay Club terrorist, Omar Mateem was arrested by the FBI, on absolutely no evidence. The facts are that Mateem's family said she had nothing to do with this event, and her actions in purchasing a father's day card for Mateem, means she thought he was returning home and not going on a shooting spree.
Yet in more wasted Justice Department resources, an American mother is being persecuted, and simply put, I do not want to be forced to pay for raising another Obama kid let loose in this world.

The nuttery of this case is formed in the following comment by Florida law enforcement.

The Orlando police chief, John W. Mina, said in a statement that he was “glad to see” that Ms. Salman had been arrested.
“Nothing can erase the pain we all feel about the senseless and brutal murders of 49 of our neighbors, friends, family members and loved ones,” the chief said. “But today, there is some relief in knowing that someone will be held accountable for that horrific crime.”

So now justice is feeling good that some person's life is ripped apart, because a crime took place, no matter if they were directly involved or not?
That is what is completely ass backwards with the mentality of US law enforcement.

Ass is the key in this, as this was the terror event in which Militant Gays had ostracized that weird religion queer in Omar Mateen, in which Mateen retaliated in this Gay on Gay violence. This Noor Salaman had absolutely no part in this, and was not the Burka who Ruled the Roost. She was by evidence a woman married to a Muslim displaced in a modern world.

A world in which  the person who should be indicted in this was image Obama, who mixed in ancient Islam with modern Sodomy, as those two political groups of violence are never going to tolerate the other. Yet Obama is not the one indicted and arrested, but this American mother, as this is another Obama lynching of Muslims for the Sodomites.

So what comes next, LaVoy Finicum's widows is going to be hauled away, because she "knew" something? Apparently though Obama justice is typical as the New York Times had this point to make:

However, federal prosecutors in the summer of 2014 declined to prosecute Katherine Russell, the wife of one of the assailants in the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013. F.B.I. agents believed she had made false statements to investigators and concealed knowledge of a crime.

So a White woman in boston is allowed to lie to the FBI, but a Brown woman who says she knew nothing is arrested by the FBI, because Chechen assets being framed to cover up what went on Boston are stories that must go away, but when it comes to Orlando fags, they have to have their pounds of flesh, and a Muslim corpse will not do, as Obama fag injustice requires the mother's milk of innocence to be lynched.

That is all this case is about. image Obama revealed in 8 years that sex perverts had higher political protection than Muslims, and Muslims have higher protection than Mexicans, and Americans have absolutely no protection at all in this genocide.

It is a reality that it is hoped that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will simply stop wasting tax payer money on these cases in the Bundy's and this Salman mother, and prosecute the real criminals in America who are disrupting Trump Events.

Or in what needs to be prosecuted is image Obama and the wife, Val-erie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Bill and Hillary Clinton and that Special Agent Gregory Bretzing in Oregon who set up the murder of LaVoy Finicum.

Noor Salman was not loading clips for this gay terrorist. She was not sewing allah ahkbar scarves and she was not driving the get away car. She was a woman beat by this weak man burdened by Islam and preyed  upon by gay militants. She needs to be told to raise the kid Christian and go off and stop being a problem as everything she immersed herself in has gotten her to this Obama point in prison.

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