Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ivanka the weak link Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was so pleased to hear that English Canadian parasite living in America, Mark Steyn, utter the infamous name of Evangka. That is pronounced Eve ANG ka according to Steyn. Most people who speak English in this made up name, actually pronounce it correctly as E vahn ka, but not Mark Steyn, so in this post she is known as Evangka Trump.
I have no idea what Steyn would do with Kirschner as it probably is Keys Sneer.

I am not privy nor have I inquired as to the inner workings of the mind of these Jews, but caring about the Trump Presidency, apparently more than Evangka does and apparently more for Evangka than her husband does in the Jet Blue mixing with maniacs, at least I agree with Mark Steyn in this, that who knows what Obama lunatic is going to appear with a knife doing harm.
Interesting that Steyn chose a knife and not a gun. Says a great deal about his psychological forensic profile, but what would he pick with a flute and piano cooking show on the Mark Levin Network of boring......as no one is signing up for that horrid waste of electricity and internet.

It is with this reality that it is advised that President Donald Trump place his daughter into protective custody of the Secret Service and just put the husband who stands around as gay Jew lunatics stalk them and then scream at his wife and children into some Sean Hannity sweaty boy man friend pink belt karate in order to bring some John Wayne to the Jew.

Evangka is too high profile and known. It was unwise for her to announce she will continue to fly commercial, even with Sky Marshal shadowing, due to the effect in the type of Patty Hearst propaganda prize a rogue CIA cell would achieve or the devastating drama which would grip America in some Islamist which Obama's regime armed would inflict on America in a 9 11 Evangka event.

I personally do not understand how the Kirschners worth tends of millions if not hundreds of millions would skimp on an issue of safety, where the results if they were kidnapped or harmed, could start a nuclear war.

As Evangka is not capable of adult decisions, this must be made for her.

There are always transformational events which involve a leaders family. It is a fact that such an event would transform the President into an Ivan the Terrible.
I personally do not have a problem with a White House providing a good Franco cleansing to America and the world, but a self controlled action by those capable of such an Argentinian Solution is what is necessary compared to the random odds of an out of control chain reaction to leadership reacting, instead of acting.

The advice would be to Limbaugh corporate jet their ways for the next 8 years in North America for the sake of what is at stake in the world. They can tag along on Air Force One trips.....like a week in Moscow and dump Evangka off in Budapest for the week and stop in and pick the fam up on the way back.

It is the problem with rich people. They see the world from towers and miss the Teddy Roosevelt world of delight in their own backyard in learning to find adventure in denying themselves the grande pageant.

The President has numbers of enemies in the regime, in the media and in the conglomerates whose interest it would be to provide travel information to trouble this family and change the agenda to one of reactionary politics, away from dismantling the regime now enslaving the world.

Many people have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for this Presidency and have obtained no rewards, and if we had the money for an offshore vacation, it would go to paying taxes and the hope of some property to live on.

It would be a good idea for those born with silver spoons to conduct themselves responsibly as it is a reality of not their lives, but their family's lives, the US Presidency, every American and the population of the world which is at stake.

A private jet for a few million dollars or 5 billion people dead in war.

A 100 dollar tent for camping in the backyard or 5 billion people dead in war.

The reality is that people with families in law enforcement have to go in and try and save people who get themselves into trouble.

Freedom is not free.