Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Obama Turns 7th Fleet to ZerO Fleet


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In a series of criminal endangerment and absolute violation of Constitutional Oath, image Obama has a US Navy which somehow has mismanaged the American defense, in the United States has absolutely no projection of naval firepower to interdict, challenge or protect America, as the entire nuclear aircraft carrier task forces are now in port and can not put out to sea.

The last time this type of atrocity took place was in the Jimmy Carter disaster of the late 1970's when aircraft carriers could not put fighter cover over task forces, because the F 14's were cannibalized to keep other Tomcats in the air.

While this is a big story of this date of 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, in image Obama handing over US security to President Donald Trump, no naval security at all, the fact is that this is not the first lapse in American security by the Obama regime.

NPR was making excuses for the regime since 2013 when this same event happened.

The truth behind the aircraft carriers photo | NewsCut ...

A picture of five aircraft carriers in port in Norfolk, ... (and I would expect that the military on an American base on American soil could handle any kind of ...

The fact is Obama has so gutted the US Navy that entire deployments have thrown thousands of US seaman and their families into financial ruin. When seamen are not deployed, they do not get paid for active duty. The Obama regime was not only rationing death to Veterans, but was rationing poverty to US service personnel.

If one examines this in reality, President Donald Trump in the war against terrorism, is not going to have any aircraft carriers to conduct operations, deployed by Secretary of Defense Mattis.

It is criminal in what the Obama regime has exposed America to. There are any number of situations in Pearl Harbor scenarios, as to why America should never have had this number of mainline aircraft assembled in one location.  Tim Rifat enjoys speaking of cobalt bombs. Imagine if North Korea or Iran with their burgeoning H bomb inventories, or Peking decided to "lose" an H bomb to enemies of America and it produced a cobalt poisoning of making these ships radioactive, as the Ronald Reagan was tainted after Fukushima. Sunken ships could never be raised as at Pearl Harbor to be salvaged as the steel would be poisoned.

As President Donald Trump has now warned of probes of the Obama regime in the tampering with the coming American Russian Peace in the ludicrous charges of "Russian hacking", it is an addition that those political officers in the US Navy must be relieved of command, along with their subordinates, and the entire Obama regime, on charges of how is it that America has been repeatedly left without any naval projection or defense for the first time in 60 years.

Super Carriers

Theodore Roosevelt
Dwight Eisenhower
Carl Vinson
Abraham Lincoln
George Washington
John Stennis
Harry Truman
Ronald Reagan
HW Bush

Carriers Obama removed for destruction.

John F. Kennedy 2015
Enterprise 2015
Constellation 2015

Obama regime has removed:

Additions not completed  CVN 78 Series

Gerald Ford 2016 (yet to be finished)
John Kennedy 2020
Enterprise 2025

In reserve CV 63 Kitty Hawk

Bill and Hillary Clinton removed in the 1990's:

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