Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jew Goldstein may not be a Jew

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I think this is the story about that Jew who Tucker Carlson destroyed in an interview, because the guy was goofier than Obama's CIA believing in Trump golden showers, and then some tweeter sent a GIF that Eich.........sorry, I have to look his name up as Kurt Eichenwald, as he sounds like a name I read in Readers Digest of some Nazi the Mosaad hunted down and don't want to get them confused.

Anyway, the Jew hired some attorney or pro hac'd I think means pro bono, but this attorney is easier to figure he is a Jew too in Lieber something, and they have withdrawn the case now in finding out the identity of maybe the only non Jew in the case named Jew Goldstein.

The report I read had to report that Jew Goldstein was not a Jew.

asking a judge to compel Twitter to release any identifying information about the anonymous troll (“Jew Goldstein,” it seems, is not his real name).

I know there is a great deal of Jew in this, for a claim of a brain short circuit, because it seems there isn't a Jew involved in any of this.......well at least I think so, as the last Nazi salute Jew was one of these Ashkenaz Asians with German names, like Eichenwald and Leibersomething.

I do not really care about any of this, except for the quote I saw in this article.

Which, at the very least, indicates that the troll is a man. A man who, from the looks of his attempts to stop Twitter from identifying him, is probably very scared right about now.

If you remember how this all started, Eichenwald was trolling Donald Trump, as in stalking the President Elect with the same smears we now have gained information on was a conspiracy by the Clinton and Bush campaigns who hired MI6 to smear Donald Trump with golden shower porn, and we discovered that John McCain was in on this insisting the FBI investigate this bogus report.

The point in this is, as it is a criminal case for Rosie O'Donnell to stalk Baron Trump, and it is a criminal case for anyone to be stalking the President, we can read by the above that this Jew Goldstein is thought to be "very scared" by the action of two Ashkenaz Asians stalking him, where does the Justice Department become involved in the Patriot Act in this Eichenwald terrorizing someone in strong arming them in the court system to obtain their name for whatever purposes?

Is it in the realm of possibilities that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be having a US Attorney and the FBI examining this case in Kurt Eichenwald with his attorney being part of this "hackergate" conspiracy, which we know involved Jake Tapper at CNN, all of CNN, and the Clinton and Bush campaigns, with MI6.

Is the investigation going to be, What did Kurt Eichenwald know and when did he know it?

The reality is, we know of the CIA media collusion, and Eichenwald was stalking Donald Trump on the very things now outed as an organized conspiracy, which is a crime. Will it be a case where Eichenwald should have just left sleeping Jews lie in Goldstein, but instead chose to get his pound of flesh, has now made himself a direct part of this conspiracy involving the CIA, MI6, political parties and the MSM.
If Eichenwald had apparently not tried to bully Jew Goldstein after Tucker Carlson bullied Eichenwald, no one would have even thought about this Eichenwald. Now though with new revelations every day, Eichenwald is front and center not in tweets, but in an international coup against the government of the United States.