Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump White Paper: Fighter Jet

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

President Donald Trump has inherited a vampire jet program from the Obama regime called the F 35. To put it plainly, the F 35 was perfectly sound, but once Obama and the cash whores at the Pentagon were set loose, the jet became an albatross.

President Trump has requested that perhaps a super jet off of the existing American platforms in the F 14 F 15 be produced much cheaper and be just as effective. The Lame Cherry has the following suggestion though and calls this the Yeager Option.

What I suggest is two jet systems to deal with the F 35, in the F 20 Tiger shark from Northrup and the F 22 Raptor from Lockheed, both programs cancelled for the wrong reasons.

In the Reagan era, the F 20 was produced as an alternative to the F 16, because the F 20 was cheap to operate. The F 20 had no limitations except a lower ceiling than the F 16, but the amazing thing is that if the Air Force just strapped hotter missiles which could fly higher, that solves the flight ceiling, which was never a problem.
The F 20 was promoted by General Chuck Yeager as the best plane designed ever, and it was. It was a superior platform, it was effective and it was cheap to operate. This is what the US requires as after the Obama spending spree, America needs low cost, highly effective fighters to fill in, for the 3rd wave of warfare as high tech, expensive systems degrade.

Rear/starboard view of aerial refueling tanker transferring fuel to a jet fighter via a long boom. The two aircraft are slightly banking left.

For the first wave, President Trump should order the F 22 Raptor, the operational stealth fighter which the Obama regime cancelled for the F 35 which is a fighter that eats money on maintenance, which it was designed to do......that is where you keep contractors in the billion dollar profits in expensive maintenance.

The F 35 was designed to be a jump jet, a carrier jet, and an Air Force jet. It is not functional. So the alternative is to provide the Marines with a Harrier design jump jet if they think they need a fighter and then create a catapult version of the 22 for the Navy, in which carriers are becoming obsolete. The more effective carrier is for the Navy to create airborne refueling platforms in the lag, and then just space plane the problems with titanium rods to do the deed.....which they already have.

So put up a wing of F 35's to keep the allies buying the expense, and instead mainline the F 22 and use the F 20 as the operational base structure for third state warfare.

This reactivating programs was accomplished when Ronald Reagan reactivated the B 1 bomber after Jimmy Carter cancelled it for the expensive B 2. As a suggestion, I would retire the B 52's and convert to B 1's, and then expand the B 1's munitions load. I would suggest a womb rider, a sort of mother ship mach 5 rocket that would be deployed from the bomb bay, rocket to orbit and then deploy their titanium payloads of 250 rods, all at speed which would strike with a nuclear payload of energy.

My suggestions on how to solve the Obama designed disaster of the F 35.

I would point out to the President, that disarming America happened before two world wars to involve America in wars. That is what image Obama was engaged in for the power elite. Ruin American systems to appear weak, antagonize select Eurasians and the war of wars begins as no other alternative exists.

Once again the by God's Grace the problem is solved and America is not sucked into another global war.

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