Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Land of the home and free of the Brave


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We are all brave you know. At least that is what we tell ourselves, and then along comes reality and what we really are appears, and the coward survives, and returns home to tell tales of how they were so brave, and only those damned cowards augured in.

I am going to share the experience of General Chuck Yeager in World War II, as the people he described all came home, paraded around in our communities as officer heroes and ended up leaders in business who looked down on our parents and grandparents.

The saga opens up with a dog fight and Captain Yeager heard the following:

"Oh God they got me. My head, my damned head, I'm bleeding to death!!!"

Yeager reported the pilot landed, and was at the officer's club, not dead, but wearing a band aide, because a piece of plexiglass had grazed the back of his neck.

The General reported that the good pilots had to always keep an eye out for these cowards, because they would not just get themselves killed, but other pilots too.

There were officers who appeared, college boys, who disliked taking orders from a non commissioned second lieutenant like Chuck Yeager. In flying fighter cover for bombers, the American Mustangs flew in formations of 4. Lt. Yeager had this one Captain he rocked his wings to, in order to get him to tighten up, but the guy refused.
It was extremely dangerous lagging as a German fighter would kill a plane before he knew it, and that meant the other 3 planes would be dead in having no warning.

Yeager ordered the guy to close up, and he still would not. He was so far behind and not paying attention that when Yeager barrel rolled over the Captain, that the guy never saw it. Yaeger opened up with his tracers and scared the brave Captain silly and he closed up the formation.
The Captain later reported it all, and the brass gave the Captain his walking papers, and commended Yeager.

The entire gambit of these "heroes" was disaster after disaster. In one incident, when they were not hyperventilating and passing out from seeing German planes, one flyer got awarded, because he was so far behind that when Germans appeared, he panicked and closed up on his wing commander's tail, where he was supposed to be, and found it was a German 109 instead.
The brave pilot closed his eyes, opened up and shot down the German.

How many times do you think that story was told at the VFW, and it kept growing until it was 5 Germans shot down, the flight commander in a panic, and Eisenhower thanked the coward personally.

Of the 30 pilots who started with Chuck Yeager, only 4 survived the war. Numbers killed themselves in training in stupid mistakes, others got killed in combat, but the replacements were an array of types who suddenly developed engine trouble and returned to base when German fighters appeared.
Some would fire a burst and then run. Others would lag back and let others do the fighting and when a German plane was going down, they would dive in for a share of the kill.
One glory whore tried that with Yeager and that was the last time that stunt was pulled on him.

Some even shit themselves in their cockpits. The honest ones took themselves out of combat. The others were the heroes who got American pilots killed and the Germans got the glory and the blame.

As General Yeager stated, he had around 5 wingmen, whose responsibility it was to watch his tail. Yeager stated that as he was not killed, that he guessed his wingmen competent enough.

There is not any difference in the air, land or sea, as the same lagers are rampant in every branch and every war. In every case, if you got some mouth bragging about how special ops they are, they are the sons of bitches who bravely got others killed and the way they tell every story it was their one man force who saved the world, and those million other soldiers were the ones holding them back.

I have a habit of thanking veterans for their service, but those who wear those caps are always the ones whose only combat was shoveling shit or stuffing their cock into the squad whore on the seat of a hummer.

Now that you are understanding the reality of armies, it is time for the punchline in Yeager's day there were at least Pattons around to slap bitches who needed it, after Obama all there are, are these political officers sodomizing the military.

What is your assessment in the odds for a two front Russian and Chinese war which the Obama Clinton McCain Graham war whores are trying to force President Donald Trump into?

Think about the McCain heroes still telling war stories, and what load of shit it still is.