Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I'll Just Touch and Go, Chuck


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On the death of John Glenn, the rabid liberal, far too many people chimed in that he was a hero. The Lame Cherry simply noted that John Glenn, followed a Russian dog, a Russian pilot and an American chimp into space, so I doubted that was really the definition of a hero, in being spam in a can attached to a mercury cookstove burner.

The first man in space was General Chuck Yeager, as he touched the black skies of the stars in his X 1 rocket planes, breaking the sound barrier before any other human.
The Lame Cherry intends as always to set the record straight on history and to honor General Yeager for his skill, bravery and God smiling on him, in keeping America ahead of the Soviets in the Cold War, by the things Chuck Yeager was doing on a captain's salary, living in a mud hut with his wife and children.

This story is about the first man on the moon, in NASA astronaut, Allan Shepherd. You have all heard the "one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind", but the fact is the reality of Allan Shepherd and the first astronauts was about all the same. They were educated idiots with engineer's degree who thought they knew everything and being an astronaut was nothing more than a chimp in a spacesuit told to push a button on command.

Chuck Yeager was the leading pilot out at Edwards Air Force base in being a test pilot, but the NACA or NASA pilots were all out there too "testing" things. One day Paul Bickel who was running NACA  at Edwards phoned up Yeager and informed him, that NACA had an X 15 test scheduled and he wanted an emergency landing strip at a place called Smith Ranch Lake, and asked Yeager if it was available.

Yeager told Bickel, that he had flown over that lake a few days before and it was all mud, and would stick to any plane like fly paper.

Bickel said his fliers had flown over it, and said the lake bed was in good shape. Yeager said it was not. Bickel asked Yeager if he would fly a jet onto the bed and Yeager said, "No".

It finally came down to Bickel asking Yeager if he would fly in back of the T 33 trainer as Allan Shepherd flew the jet in for a check, and Yeager agreed.

He told the future first man, that it was not going to work, but Shepherd just kept repeating, "I'll just touch and go Chuck".
Touch and go meant Shepherd would light the jet on the lake bed and then gun the engines and lift off. Yeager told Shepherd, that it would not work as it would be like flypaper.

Well, in they came and sure as shit stinks, Shepherd sat the jet down, gunned the engines and the plane just sat there like fly to sticky paper. The jet rattled and shook and there she sat, as Yeager and Shepherd sat in silence as the sun was setting, in their light flight suits about to freeze to death, in the middle of nowhere.

Yeager asked the Moon Man, if he had any ideas. Shepherd just shook his head NO.

Before dark NACA sent a DC 3 out to search and Yeager effected a rescue by telling the DC 3 to make a rolling touchdown about a mile away on dryer land, and keep rolling and they would run along and jump inside for a take off.

That is what took place and when they returned to Edwards, Bickel had a private conversation with Shepherd, and when Bickel appeared next, he burst out laughing to Chuck Yeager.

Heroes are not what the propaganda tell you. Everyone has a bone head moment in their life, and this is who NASA chose to put his first foot print on the moon. The good thing is, is that moon has no water on it, or Allan Shepherd would still be there shaking his head without any ideas, as Chuck Yeager was not there to effect rescue.

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