Saturday, January 21, 2017

Loving the Scent of the Thermobaric Chicom

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Peking girl communists have been threatening the United States and it is time for the Americans to lead the world against the Chinese cancer and liberate the world from Chicom industrial pollution killing the Pacific and the Asians who are slaves to the Chin.

Most have no conception that the Chin are a small group of dictators who have enslaved for thousands of years the Cantonese, Mandarin, Uguhr, Manchurian and around 10 other peoples. The Chin are a blight on China and their over consumption is a cancer eating energy and mother earth to every people's harm.

For that reason, the Lame Cherry places forward the war game strategy against the terrorists of Peking Chins, in what could be more pleasant than thermobaric flambe Chicoms in the morning.

China is a slave state of 9388211 square kilometers, and we know that the Russian Baritino missiles can obliterate a 200 by 400 meter or 800,000 square meters of real estate, meaning that 100,000 thermobaric grids would provide a Final Solution for these despots of Peking.

Think about it in the health giving qualities of scorched earth, ridding the world of SAARS, Bird Flu, mcr-1 pandemic bacteria and the menace of Chinese communists, where in turn the advanced peoples of Taiwan could as sovereigns govern China as is their rightful place.

It would simply take hydrogen peroxide, the gasoline that the Chicoms burn up, wasting it on their slave master selves for the week, and the earth would be cleansed of this problem. No nuclear radiation, no fall out, just a pretty lung popping flame, when gridded correctly on the appropriate clicks would look like a line of fire burning across Chinland.
Factored in, there would most likely be a 2% survival rate which would leave 20 million Asians to repopulate that region and all would be well with the world.

For without the cancer of the Chicom, gas prices would fall to 50 cents per gallon again, and all other prices would deflate, creating a wonderful economic boom for humanity.

The humanitarian policy of aborting Chinese baby girls, has solved nothing, and only created an HW Bush monster which now thinks all should be Obama in bowing to these chopstick despots. It is time for the American and world leadership to solve the Chicom problem, to liberate Russia from Chinese invasion, free Kim Jong Un from Chicom slavery and to make South Asia a free people, governed by the legitimate government of Taiwan, the Republic of China.

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