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The Definition of The Great Tribulation

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The reality of the Book of Revelation is a composite of the Prophets and Christ in synopsis in Matthew 24.

The essence of the Book is the events of the Great Tribulation. This is a synopsis of the time line as it begins with St. John being shown a Scroll received by Christ in Heaven, in Jesus is Thee only One worthy to open this book, because He is the First and the Last. Christ as the Word is Creator, the Thought of the Father. Christ began this mystery of God reproducing Himself in the creation of mankind, and only Christ can fulfill this undertaking.

  • The Scroll

The Scroll has 7 Seals locking it 

  • Seal 1: A white horse and the rider is given a crown to conquer
  • Seal 2: A red horse and the rider is given to bring war
  • Seal 3: A black horse and the rider is given scales and the cost is a person has to work an entire day for a loaf of bread. Famine
  • Seal 4: A pale horse and the rider is named Death. Hades or enmity from God follows.
They are given authority to kill 1/4th of the human population by war, famine, disease and wild animals.

  •  Seal 5: The Saints under the altar of the Lord in Heaven pray to be avenged and are given white robes, and are told to rest, until all of the Saints who are to be, will be martyred.
  • Seal 6: A great earthquake rends the earth, the sun turns black, the moon becomes blood red, the stars of heaven fall, the sky rolls back like a scroll and disappears, and every island is moved out of its place in the ocean. 

Everyone from the rulers to the least, hide from the face of God and call on the caves they are in to fall on them.

The story shifts to the sealing of the 144,000 and to the martyrs numbered.

  • Seal 7: Silence in Heaven for half an hour. The appearance of the 7 Angels with 7 Trumpets.

The prayers of the Saints are offered with special incense before God and then the censer is filled with coals of the Altar and cast to the earth which manifests lightning, thunderings and an earthquake.

  1. Trumpet 1:  Hail and fire, mixed with blood falls upon earth. 1/3rd of the earth, trees and every blade of grass is burned up.
  2. Trumpet 2: Huge mountain of fire was thrown into the sea. 1/3rd of the sea is turned to blood, 1/3rd of sea life dies and 1/3rd of the ships are destroyed.
  3. Trumpet 3: A large star burning like a torch strikes earth. 1/3rd of the rivers and springs turn "bitter". Many people die from drinking this water. This is Wormwood.
  4. Trumpet 4: 1/3rd of the sun, moon and stars are darkened. 1/3rd of the day and night is darkness.
  5. Trumpet 5: A demon of false light falls to earth. It has the key to the abyss and the smoke from it darkens the sunlight. Locusts appear from the abyss which sting like scorpions, and torment all of those people not sealed by God for 5 months. The tormented will seek to die, but not be able to. Their ruler is Abbaddon, or the Destroyer demon.
  6. Trumpet 6: 4 demons bound in the Euphrates River are released to destroy 1/3rd of the earth's population. The army numbers 200 million. None repent from their lusts or evil.

The little scroll appears and is given to John to eat and Prophesy. The story shifts to include the 2 Witnesses in Jerusalem who torment the earth and then are murdered by satan, and left to lay in the street for 3 1/2 days, until God raises them to Heaven.

          Trumpet 7:  The power to rule the earth now transfers to the Lord God and His Christ.

What follows is an explanation of the woman and dragon, or the Church and satan's attacks on the Church, and the Beast and the anti Christ.

This is summed up by the 7 Last Bowls which are 7 Last Plagues.

  1. Plague 1: Painful sores on those who took the Mark of the Beast
  2. Plague 2: The entire oceans die in the waters become watery blood clots and everything in the sea dies.
  3. Plague 3: The rivers and springs of water  become blood.
  4. Plague 4:  The sun becomes scorching on all people and they curse God and will not repent.
  5. Plague 5: Darkness is poured out on the Beast or the world empire and all those in it, and they chew their tongues because of the pain.
  6. Plague 6: The Euphrates River is dried up and 3 demons go forth to gather all the armies of the world to Armageddon.
  7. Plague 7: It is announced, IT IS DONE! The earth is rent by a great earthquake. Jerusalem is divided into 3 sections, the cities of the world are destroyed, and every island disappears, as 100 pound hailstones fall upon mankind

There appear to be overlays in parts of this as it is viewed from different vantage points. As one can ascertain from the above, none of these events have remotely taken place. The time line points to the Great Tribulation does not become initiated until two events occur.

1. The completion of the 3rd Temple
2. The Temple dedicated to satan on Passover or Easter.

This period is the final 7 years or the last week of Daniel the Prophet. The Great Tribulation begins at the last 3 1/2 years of of this period.

Seal 6 and Trumpet 3 appear as like events in the Wormwood type events. There will in this once the events are engaged be not any stopping this Wrath of God's Judgment. The time to lessen the blow has been the election of Donald Trump and the events which follow.

President Trump and the inner circle have cut off the Christian connection from the government, now that the Lord has provided the victory, in repetition of Jehu.

The rose is a bloom of appealing scent, but whose flower hides the thorns which bleeds the human.