Monday, January 16, 2017

Loyalty to the Legend

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Belief is a matter of what one chooses, it has nothing to do with reality or fiction.

- Lame Cherry

My purpose in writing this is to fill in some information about a period in history where numbers of the best in America were sacrificed in overt operations, for the black projects which were being advanced in the fields of avionics.

The American test pilots, the best of who is General Chuck Yeager were this group, and it honestly bothers me that Chuck Yeager was never a part of the zero gravity engine flights, but was instead creating astronauts for NASA which was nothing but a cover for the advanced technologies.

I am not here to prove saucer craft nor the technologies involved in them. This is about the reality of General Yeager who should have been a part of all of this, but a decision was made in 1957 AD in the year of our Lord, that General Yeager was too well known, had too many Soviet spies monitoring him in America, that his purpose was to become a focal diversion like NASA to challenge the Soviets to competition in what was released to the public, while zero gravity, which the man who Yeager made a fortune for in Laurence Bell of the X 1 Rocket Plane, was involved in all of this, and with Yeager as a diversion, all he got was risking his life, his face burned off, eating dirt in the desert in a 3 room shack with his family as the Air Force refused housing for him and other pilots, and a fur coat for his wife from the industry as a booby prize.
Astronauts instead were rewarded with CIA fed Life magazine kickbacks in order to keep their mouths shut for being chimps in an electronic can called space flight.

There are things which are called top secret and things which are simply the reality of advanced technologies. Once Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier, and the Air Force tried keeping a lid on it for months and the story broke, he simply became too prominent to be involved in the advanced technologies, as the Soviets would have wondered where the top pilot had disappeared to. So the ruse was put into place, the egg head engineers would be flying the zero gravity devices and Chuck Yeager could be the visible Air Force, while the military industrial complex of General Dynamics handed him cookies as rewards.

The old man deserved better than that, better than being set up inside the Air Force and his being a Darwin candidate to be augured in to bury the legend. He got his rewards finally with AC Delco commercials and the F 20 with President Ronald Reagan, but it was all a smokescreen while Star Wars was being assembled in space.

I do not know if the old man was ever given a ride over the plane. He should have had that as he kept his mouth shut about everything else. I though do not deem it worthwhile to have numbers of the best test pilots killed in experimental craft testing the limits of the metal hydrodynamic friction wave, when anti grav skins had rewritten Newton and Einstein's laws to make them theory in dimensional forces cancelling them out.

I doubt I will ever get to go fishing with General Yeager or fly the wind, but I will speak the facts about situations in analyzing data, as I detest suits who sit in conference and decide things about people like they were sheets of paper, and never take into account loyalty to the man.

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