Monday, January 16, 2017

Brother can you spare a terrorist or a million more?

And who paid for this building, the fairies?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This blog monitors media content in various locations, and when I learned of the following, I simply was stunned concerning the legacy of terrorism importation into America by the Obama regime and Lutheran Social Services.

The source of this is from Fargo, North Dakota, which has had hundreds of Muslims dumped into their community.

What is taking place in North Dakota is the typical commerce terrorism where you pay tens of thousands of dollars for terrorist Muslims to take your jobs, as the welfare you get cut off from, goes to Muslims which then spend the money to Walmart making all these conglomerates billions of dollars.

Lutheran Social Services states and restates that they make no money from this.......yeah and bigger budgets from Obama money dumps, "donations" from conglomerates who profit off this slave trade and salaries being raised are not slave profiteering.......just because these traitors say so.

What this post is about, is not that background information, but on a new slant which blows the mind. Now if I were to ask you, if on your taxes you file the IRS asked to see your costs, and you answered, "Sorry I never keep records, but if you give me a grant, I will be sure to assemble those records for you", how long do you think you would stay out of prison?

That is the reality in all of these charities making money off of Obama terrorists in THERE ARE NO RECORDS. We know this because when the public has screamed loud enough, politicians start asking and so do the media, but the reply of the head of LSS in North Dakota was, "Sorry we do not have that information, but we are waiting on a grant and will then get that information for you".

Jessica Thomasson, Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota ...

Jessica Thomasson is Chief Executive Officer at Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota. See Jessica Thomasson's ... Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, ...

A grant?????

They are operating on FREE MONEY out of your pockets that Obama has been handing out to them, and they do not keep records in who is on welfare, who is in jail, who is scamming the community, but will for more taxpayer money, be happy to pocket more money off this terror trade.

I have a suggestion for President Donald Trump, and that is to nicely have Attorney General Jeff Sessions inform Jessica Thomasson of LSS, that she hands over detailed records in 3 days, or she can complete her work at Gitmo. I suspect that all of this would be accomplished AS IS HER JOB in one day, and without any grant money.

The advice from the Lame Cherry is for President Trump to stop all payments to the terror importers, instruct OMB to audit every last one of these human traffick traders, and then demand every dollar back connected with these Obama terrorists, and those who do not repay those millions, end up in prison for 20 years.

So you understand this, the Obama regime uses your money to pay for these terrorists plane tickets to America, then dumps them into your communities where these "charities" assist the invaders in American genocide, as the federal money stops and it becomes the responsibility of your county and city.

In Fargo a few months ago, hundreds of these terrorists appeared by Obama and LSS, and the community stated they had no room in the schools to educate this illiterate mob of Muslims.

As has been stated, and is repeated here, ALL OF THESE OBAMA TERRORISTS are to be apprehended and immediately deported in January 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, to safe zones in Syria and other locations.
ALL of these terror charities are to be audited and their activities suspended indefinitely and when the facts are known, this ilk gets a ticket to the safe zones to "do their god's work there" for the next 5 years, as America seizes these charity's assets, and follows right up to the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim religions these charities are associate with.
America did not recoup her 2.5 trillion dollars in losses for two wars in Iraq, but let that begin and President Trump must make absolute certain that the American taxpayer recoups every penny which Obama handed out for terror invasion.
These terror charities are all traitors and must come under the full force of the United States Department of Justice.

LSS rejects call for stop of refugee resettlement | INFORUM

LSS rejects call for stop of refugee resettlement. ... Lutheran Social Services on ... The CEO of Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, Jessica Thomasson, ...

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