Monday, January 9, 2017

Obama Plots Destruction of America for 2020 Presidential Return

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Every time I begin to think that there is nothing to reveal or write about, I am led by God to some story and the Prophetic Keyboard begins to generate and the next thing I know is, it all makes sense in what I am hearing in it all becomes a harmonic calm inside of me, and I realize with the same excited jump inside of me, that another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter has appeared.

It is that way with the image of Barack Hussein Obama, in this murderous onslaught it has engaged in against the world as lame cuck.  It troubled me as I knew it was causing trouble, but the standard Limbaugh fare explanations did not feel right. The fact is Rush Limbaugh is absolutely wrong in his trumpeting that "Obama is not going away" by building a wall in Washington DC, because the real headline is, "OBAMA IS COMING BACK".

That is what was in the Lame Cherry exclusive WAR: OBAMA REGIME DEPLOYS ALMOST HALF OF US TANKS TO EUROPE, in the warning at the end, that image Obama is not going away, but image Obama is plotting a return in 2020.

The hints in this draconian macabre theater have been there in the image stating it could have beaten Trump, when the fact is Trump with God and America, obliterated the criminal Obama voting fraud machine. It is what is behind the deligitimizing of Donald Trump's victory, what is about McCain and Graham Russian Hacking, what is about dumping almost half the US tank forces into Europe and what is behind the Obama executive orders to cripple the US economy............image Obama for the cartel has moved to cripple the entire world economy and cause such horrific upheaval, that it will in 2018 put democrats in control of Congress to begin impeachment of Donald Trump, in order to weaken President Trump, and to push through an Obama 3rd term, as that is what this is all about. image Obama yearns to be the resurrected messiah, in being begged to run for a 3rd term to save the world from all the tribulation which it has caused.

That is the only answer which makes any sense in this for the narcissist shapeshifter in Obama form. it longs to be adored and is going to destroy the world so it can begged, pleaded with and invoked to be President again.
That is what was behind Benghazi in the ego of Obama did not want to steal another election as the Birther did in 2008. Obama wanted to rescue kidnapped Chris Stevens, undo the ghost of Jimmy Carter in Iranian Hostages and obliterate Mitt Romney. Stevens was murdered instead by Obama terrorists and the result is Obama had to steal another election in vote flipping, which left the shadow of Obama in the jinn to plot a world tribulation where it would be adored again, like the anti Christ.

For those who need a reminder from the "crazy" Prophet, the matrix stated that in June 13, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord, that Birther Hussein disappeared for the day. The matrix stated that the Birther was poisoned on that day and succumbed in the White House bunker. Joe Biden assumed presidential power with the full compliance of Jarrett and Muchelle, and a jinn, or shapeshifter was conjured to take the Obama form, and later there were medically engineered doubles who appeared at different times, which explained a great deal about how Obama's hands were changing size and moles would appear and disappear.
All the evidence as recorded in the Lame Cherry revealed different postures, language and the fact that before June 2013 Obama never lost, and after June 2013, the image Obama never won anything politically or in a war.

This demonic realm is plotting to return, and that is what is behind all of this dictatorial Obama upheaval, because none of it is going to cause a war, stop Donald Trump or cause a breakdown of the world. It is designed though as a diversion to keep attention focused, so the real agenda of upheaval will be sprung over the next years to establish the subterfuge which will bring the events of the 2020 election.

By making this known, people will now know who to blame in image Obama, and realize as the light bulbs go off, that this is what is really behind all of what the image Obama is currently engaged in, why it is in Washington DC trying to be a shadow president, and what the entire political scenario will be. There will be a constant refrain from the image in "Things were good under me" and "I can deliver you from all of this". Those behind this literally are going to initiate a meltdown, and that is why everyone has to know it is deliberate from image Obama, and it is all for political machinations for 2020 presidential politics. A most disgusting and murderous misuse of public trust against the People.
The result is by making this known now, as it unfolds, the People will know who to blame for all of the problems being unleashed and what self centered image is behind it, again creating catastrophies too good to waste.

For this reason, it is imperative that Attorney General Jeff Sessions conduct Grand Jury investigations and indict image Obama and the entire caste of John McCain traitors, with the purpose of neutralizing this entire conspiracy, as will be championed by the Obama media.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.