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Schauberger Effect

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I should not be mystified when two primates develop the same ideas, as after all the same apple will fall from the same tree, because the odds  f order and chaos will prevail in the same patterns. Yet when I came across an equal to Nicolai Tesla in earth sciences, it is just another tragedy that another DaVinci was lost in the world due to a regime wiping the technology from humanity.

Schauberger was an Austrian in the time before and after World War II. The SS Nazi were most interested in his ideas, but when Adolf Hitler met the man and listened to the genius, the head German scientist simply said, "It is nature not science what Schauberger is".

That is what Schauberger saw, the account of God revealed in all things as St. Paul taught by the Holy Ghost in the Bible. See when I look at clouds in the sky, I see human skin, ribs, vertebrae in a grand repetition of all life, as the "water" of life, assembles constantly on the sub atomic particles.  Life simply must be a certain order when you have the same building blocks.
Schauberger saw motion in the vortex. Whether that vortex was stellar in atomic galaxies, DNA in the electro chemical, thermo in the tornado, it was all a vortex and it did not matter if it was atomic, hydro or electrical, they were the science which moved the universe in all forms.,0,-103

Here is a list of the vortex machines which Schauberger had created, as in operational, which the Nazi SS indeed possessed in World War II, and which the Americans confiscated and removed from society after the War.

Schauberger's  diaries  tell  us  what  these  machines  were.  One  was  a
water purifier. Another was an energy device capable of generating high-
voltage electricity. A third was for "biosynthesizing" hydrogen fuel from
water.  A fourth was a machine that "naturally" produced intense heat or
cold. The fifth, dubbed the "fleigende scheibe, "or "flying saucer," was the
unconventional  aero-engine  that  had  come  to  the  attention  of Heinkel
and others during  1941.

To put this in layman's terms, Schauberger on one principle, in fine tuning a machine, was creating 5 results. It was akin to a mixer for a cake, having the additional character of producing rocket fuel and being a Star Trek engine.

This series of machines in vortex produced a refinement process, which according to polarity produce a by product of heat or cold, and in motion would produce a zero gravity type engine.
That is what was discovered, as this vortex had other attributes in depending on the frequency, it had the effect of altering time.

None of this has been lost, as the Americans stole the old man's work to stop publication of it, as the American intelligence already had developed the technology, and in a strange twist a Russian scientist named Podkletnov happened upon the effects with super conductors of zero gravity.
The happened upon it, was the Soviet KGB had come across Schauberger's papers and brought them to Moscow, where this later scientist's father lived and the papers were given to him being an engineer to discern what the writings were.
The Russian scientist later read them and began experiments reproducing the like results.

"If the superconductors are rotated considerably faster than the  5,000-
rpm speeds I've been mainly using until now, perhaps five to ten times as
fast, the disc experiences so much weight loss that it actually takes off."
"Have you experimented?"  I asked.
"Yes,"  he  said  meaningfully,  "with  interesting  results."
It was then that I  asked him if he had heard of Viktor  Schauberger.  It
kind of came from nowhere but in actual fact it wasn't such a wild shot in
the  dark.  There  was  something  incredibly  familiar  about  those  rotation
Schauberger  had  been  generating  a  l√©vitation  effect  using  rotational
velocities  of  15-20,000  rpm.  If these  were  rapid  enough  to  produce  a
usable torsion field, no wonder Podkletnov had been getting "interesting
results"  from  25-50,000  rpm.

This great Austrian genius who changed the world is unknown. He literally solved the German Heinkel's jet engine problems, so every jet you see is the result of Schauberger's vortex principle and most of the black triangles which are reported as UFO's are based on Schauberger's original creations.

This goes back to the German Die Glock, or The Bell, which is Schauberger's design and is one of his machines. The experiments in this machine were fascinating in the genius of building what was an image of the inner earth core of an iron center, with two spinning cylinders in a sea of magma, to produce all the effects Earth is in being this giant off the grid energy producer. The earth by Christ's design is actually a space ship with an electro magnetic motor.
When this programme was built under Han Klammer, the Bell was deep in a mountain, had tiled rooms for protection as it was akin to an unshielded microwave oven, but emitting every type of spectrum of energy from x rays to radio waves. People became very ill around the Bell, but then the Germans figured out how to fine tune this machine and the result was the success it was meant to be.

None of this is fiction or theory. It is reality and Schauberger and his son concluded this Bell machines, of implosions, could be set to create a weapon greater than atomic power.

For those who discount this, as the CIA has sown enough bullshit into this for their conspiracy agenda, there is a proof of part of this technology before your eyes, and it is the Stealth B 2 bomber. This jet has massive engines, for a massive plane weight and payload, and yet if one does the physics for this jet, it simply can not get off the ground, and yet it does.
What the B 2 incorporates is a Faraday frame interior, as it sends an electronic pulse over the outer frame, that produces anti gravity effects, stealth and the ability to swim through the atmosphere more easily, in a controlled Schauberger Vortex.

Everyone can witness a Tesla coil in the great discharges of energy in a non moving magnetic machine. Imagine now if you had high speed cylinders rotating and creating charge, and it opens the door to the advanced machines which Viktor Schauberger created in a horse and buggy era which was transforming to the atomic era.

A great deal of what is driving the world is the result of this Austrian genius. He  and his family deserve the credit for this nature of energy as it is the most amazing of history and the present.

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