Thursday, January 26, 2017

St. Guillotine

Butch Trucks killed himself Tuesday in West Palm Beach, Florida at the age of 69 in front of his wife Melinda,  both pictured here at the 2012 Grammy Awards 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry always says to pay your taxes and the IRS is always right, so none of you become a target ever, but I was wondering where it was that George Washington founded a nation, where a tax collector could so make an American feel helpless that all a 69 year old man had, was to put a bullet in his brain in front of his wife, as in despair he concluded he had no way out.

Does it matter that he was one of the best drummers in history or an international star? Not really, because this is about humanity,  in this was the Florida IRS, and I am certain that Butch Trucks owed all the IRS said in taxes and penalties, but when is right going to be balanced by humanity of a government agencies for the Americans who they are supposed to serve.

Image Obama picked all of our pockets to record trillions of dollars in new taxes. Image Obama could find non stop ways to pardon dope convicts, but no one seemed to care about Butch Tucker in this regime, no more than the thousands of others who are in constant distress over the IRS demanding payment of blood from turnips.

My feed store guy was paying his taxes, and paid his taxes, but kept getting a notice he was not. He kept sending in checks and the IRS kept sending notices. It all came down to the quarterly payments people have to pay, as in the same payments I have to make to the IRS every 3 months in writing this blog or I will face penalties, that somehow the IRS was cashing checks for taxes in the wrong quarter and blaming the taxpayer.
For this mistake, the guy was fined, lectured and intimidated, for doing things right.

President Trump has a number of things to deal with, but when the Obama Pritzkers owe tens of millions, hire an attorney and pay a few million, and Warren Buffett never pays back taxes, we exist in as system of the best of times and the worst of times. Butch Trucks is made to feel so insecure in his own home, that he murders himself, while the insiders hire lawyers and get off not paying the taxes they owe, that Butch Trucks ends up having to pay by selling his home, and still that is not enough.

Secretary Munchkin is calling for more IRS agents, but the question is for what? More Butch Trucks to be created? It certainly is not for more humanity.

There are agents in the IRS who are responsible for Butch Trucks murder, and for the distress of thousands of Americans this day. They are more worried about regime agents than Muslim terrorists.

President Trump has heard the Border Patrol in their angst over an FBI internal affairs minder riding rough over them, but where do Americans plead to get, satan only knows, who the hell is making people's lives hell in America from EPA, USDA, FHA, OSHA and even Homeland paying friendly visits to a Trump supporting blog for changing time lines to keep people safe.

Americans need to be kept safe from the system. Americans need an arbitrator that they can appeal to in the name of President Trump, which will stop the agency contacts, find a solution and penalize any agency employee who violates the arbitration which is reached.

No agency should be able to take a persons home or destroy their business as we have witnessed in Butch Trucks and Oregon bakery owners. Americans lives are being destroyed and not one blessed thing is done to those engaged in the destruction. LaVoy Finicum is left to bleed out in the snow in a set up murder and it falls to the family to have to sue the regime responsible for money.

Whatever happened to responsible Government and humanity.

Whatever happened to responsible Government and humanity.

Who is responsible for what happened to Butch Trucks and hosts of other Americans?

Whatever happened to responsible Government and humanity.