Friday, January 27, 2017

Starlights and Claymores

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the to the point autobiography of General Chuck Yeager, there is a reference to the Vietnam War which is most educational, for the General makes mention of three tactical devices being employed in the 1960's which were devastating to the communist guerilla terrorists.

The first is a monitoring device rigged on trails which could literally smell urine and then alert the Americans the terrorists were on the trails for strikes.

This was technology which is 35 years old and is part of the array which the Lame Cherry stated if Birther Hussein was interested in winning the terror war, could have by curfew shut down every terror route in Afghanistan. But the reality is Birther Hussein was interested in opium production in rewarding terrorists with this cash flow, instead of defeating a murderous enemy.

Don Yeager, who was the General's son, was deployed to Vietnam in a combat unit, and the General stated that Don and his Soldiers knocked the hell out of the Vietcong. It was quite simple in the US Soldiers set up on trails in the dark, and waited with Starlight scopes which would illuminate in the dark to snipe Vietcong, and as an accent would employ Claymore mines, which are directional mines on tripods which are perfect anti personnel ordnance, they were the original IED in Improved Explosive Device.

Don Yeager would lay with his Claymores at rope bridges and let them get close enough so he could smell them and then salute them with bombs bursting in air. The US Soldier kill ratio was phenomenal utilizing air power and smart warfare, without the tampering of Sec. of  Defense McNamara and President Johnson choosing targets in "rules of war" conduct.

The rules of war originated after that traitor Harry Truman sacked General MacArthur. Vietnam became a zone where Russian ships could offload in North Vietnam SAM missiles which were being fired at American pilots, and the American pilots could not shoot at the ship.
The Russians would even fire at American craft and it was still this Obama nutty rules of warfare, as took place in the Mideast Obama wars where Americans had to have terrorists shoot first before American Soldiers could fire.

It is the problem of liberal warfare, and that includes George HW and W Bush with Colin Powell holding back US firepower as mountains of dead Saddam soldiers would look bad. It is better to have the world looking with a frown at living American Soldiers than Americans crying over the corpses of their dead Soldiers.

In that, Vladimir Putin fought a heinously savage war in Chechnya against Muslim terrorists. It was brutal to the extreme and left all civilized warfare behind, but it ended the Islamic terror front in Russia, and it kept a Kosovo from being a Muslim state front line on Moscow, as is now the case for Berlin and the rest of Europe.

Russia has been decisive in Syria in destroying the Obama ISIS oil smuggling terrorists. It is a fact now that America might have a Secretary of Defense who will utilize American technology to obliterate terrorists for a lasting victory, instead of this Obama quid pro quo of slaughtering Americans to make the terrorists feel good, so they do not deploy inside Obama deployed terrorists inside America in America is now the front.

This white paper is a reality that America had the munitions and technology to win Vietnam and was winning Vietnam almost 40 years ago. Those same tactics with drones can wipe out to the last terrorist anywhere in the world, if winning is the order, instead of running terror operations to secure oil, dope or human traffick for huge profits.

This is what must be the small warfare of cost effective warfare in drones and moveable sentry units to selectively kill the remaining terrorists. An entire nation can be RFID chipped in a war zone, a curfew put into place, and everyone not where they are supposed to be without permission or without chip sets to register is a live target to be eliminated, man to woman or child, in this terror war.

America could smell and see terrorists in 1960. In the 21st century, America can see terrorists through walls, hear them in bunkers and smell them from the air. Give the Soldiers their toys, tactically deploy them in Operation Puff the Magic Dragon, and in one year's time the Air Cav will sector by sector, click by click, kill every terrorist in theater.

Remember you were lied to in an American saying American things like Donald Trump could not win the Presidency. You have been conditioned to accept failure and huge bills in Pentagon billion tons of bombs dropped with Americans still being killed. America can KIA every cartel dope running, doped up Muslim zombie, and it will be operationally easy and safe.

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