Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Thank You President Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry officially desires to thank President Donald J. Trump in accomplishing more for America, Americans and the world in 5 days as President than has been attempted in the past 39 years since President Reagan completed his terms in office.

It is simply glorious to see this historical German Scot American go to work in doing more than 435 members in Congress and the entire regimes of the United States. Frankly these White People when you get them in the correct Anglo Saxon Israelite bloodlines like Theodore Roosevelt into the White House, they simply to the work of 10 Presidents plus 2.

I am beginning to think if Donald Trump was in charge of creating the world, that Jesus and Donald could have kicked off the last 3 days and went fishing. Jesus though apparently knew of liberal holidays which were coming in no one works in Europe or America in constantly having Obama vacations, so Christ must have did his work in the morning and then posed for pictures in the afternoon commemorating all He accomplished for the Father in a way to let the Bible printers catch up with the doings, just like President Trump.

I really like these Drumpf's. That olde Fred was quite the German in turning out good kinder, and when you have good genes to work with, teach them to work, you get Don jr's kinder looking over the Presidency to see where they will be governing from.

Work is good for the soul, and President Trump works from his good soul, and gives America a good example of how uplifted they can be in taking pleasure in good work.

It has been a great pleasure to see President Trump and none of this Trump Trans for days. To see a real leader of free peoples, acting responsibly and morally. I mean we have had two Bush's and they did not seem to do much but inherit the wind, two Clinton's who had vulva problems, and two Obama's who had vulva wind problems too in thinking they knew better than Americans. It is a pleasure to see an American President who actually knows what he is doing and is accomplishing what he said he would do.

Amazing to see record setting Wall Street highs at 20,000 for President Donald Trump, and having to do with policy, instead of Obama Treasury QE money dumps.

There is far too much to list in all what President Trump has accomplished by God's Grace, as he literally has done more than Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama combined already. Protecting innocent life around the globe, not starting wars, creating American jobs, securing the borders, fulfilling US laws, actually giving a speech and Homeland and the CIA in knowing where they are, just to name a few.

What a wonder President Donald J. Trump is. How wonderful it is to have Melania Trump as First Lady gracing all of us, and from Sean Hannity we have a personal interview with Baron Trump, in Hannity stating how great of son Baron Trump is.

It is a gift from God to have Donald Trump as President. The Lame Cherry thanks God,  thanks Fred Trump and thanks Donald Trump, the President of these Uniting States, making America great again, in President Trump keeps his word.

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