Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Big Hands Donald, Big Crowd Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that Inaugurationgate has been blown up by the REAL NEWS that President Trump's Inauguration Crowd surpassed the "record setting" crowd of Barack Obama, which was bused in, it is time again for the Lame Cherry to remind President Trump to instruct his CIA Director to gain complete control of the Mockingbird budget which is funding the conglomerates who own the media in behind the scenes money dumps, and having numbers of these trolls on the payroll, to either remove them or provide for them an honest script, so this lying by the press ceases.

Thanks again to Jim Hoff for putting the cherry on top of this story in proving it will photos and backing eyewitness accounts posted here.

It appears everything about President Trump is big. Big American Heart, Big Crowds, Big Inauguration, Big Policies and Big Truth.

As a side note in this, this skewing of the Obama numbers was plotted for months as was the election polling, to make the public feel isolated, but also in these pathetic trolls in the media need crowds to make them feel secure. IF the skank march of 500,000 actually was that large of deviants, it means that President Trump topping Obama's fake Inauguration crowds (now revised downward like holocaust numbers in perhaps 800,000 were bused in) , was in the area of 7 times larger than the skank march.

It is such a wonder to have a German Scott American hard at work and America loving their President again, for his honesty and work ethics, because President Trump earned that respect.

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