Friday, January 20, 2017

The Best Ambassador's of the Trump Administration

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This honestly is so new, after having only ugly children and brats in the White House, that I am simply delighted by the Trump children. It just seems to me that what will evolve in this, is there are going to be Trump children and grandchildren fan clubs, as everyone extols the virtues of their favorites.

I do not want to leave any children out, but it just seems some appear more with the President than others, so I notice them more.

I really like Baron Trump. He simply is the man.

Once in their seats, the First Family enthusiastically greeted the parade's many participants, smiling and waving as they passed by 

I was looking at him on the parade route, and he looks like he is going to be 6.4, as both his parents are tall, and this kid is already a tower.

TL showed me a photo of playing peek a boo with one of the infants. He simply is a great Uncle Baron.

This young man simply lights up around parades and animals. I can see why his parents are so very proud of him.

OK the second star on the Trump stage is Don jr's eldest daughter, Kai. I first saw her on Twitter, in giving D9 a hairdo treatment. She is an amazing child in she is always in control, but has this childlike wonder about her.

The president placed a tender arm around his wife's waist as she walked towards her seat at the Reviewing Stand  

Honorable mention in this is........I think is Tristan, who is Don jrs child too. He was absolutely a cherub as they watched the parade in Don holding him. He looked like a kid with the wonder of Christmas in him 365 days a year.

This is the picture of him with Grandpa Trump governing America.

It is going to be such a joy to see these Trump children and grandchildren clambering over that White House. Historically, America has not had a brood like this since Teddy Roosevelt was President, with TR's children being as handsome and precocious as this wonderful family.

To see so many brothers and sisters, and cousins always together and they are so well behaved, it is just a joy. I know the other children are going to be noticed, but on this Inauguration Day, they deserved their part in being noticed as the best ambassadors of the Trump Administration.

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