Friday, January 20, 2017

The Creepy Obamas

Not going to Palm Springs yet: The Obamas had expected to land in Palm Springs but bad weather hit their plans

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

OK I understand about ex occupants of 1600 Penn Avenue, getting a free jet ride to get them out of town for the real President. What I do not get is why Americans have to pay for Obama tag alongs.

Perhaps tag alongs is not the right term...........I do not know what you call two pervert sodomites who are hosting the image and the Lurch at their mansion in Palm Springs.

Why are we waiting: James Costos and his husband, interior designer Michael Smith posted a selfie from inside Air Force One while it circled

Oh you did not know that you paid the fair for two fags, and this is who the Obama's chose to bunk with, until the prison wall is finished in DC.

To me, this is all creepy, as it makes one wonder what two feces scented penis, are so attractive to that lurch shemale Muchelle, and the shapeshifter jinn Obama. It is like some sodom satanic ritual going on there.

But besides being creepy, there really needs to be limits on who gets to suck off the taxpayer, as this is pushing it in, giving free rides to rich fags, and free rides to the Obama things to millionaire mansions in Palm Springs.

Frankly, I want the money these welfare suckers cost taxpayers, as this is pushing the limits on what is acceptable perks for getting rid of the image and the lurch.

I had hoped to not have to cover the Obama's again, but sure as hell they are back again swindling Americans out of money, and sure as shit stinks, there is perv sex involved in this again.

The only understandable thing in this is Palm Springs was so weather foul that it did not want these freaks added to the mix.

Yeah none of that makes sense in why the pilots did not sit down in Palm Springs as a 747 can set down in the dark with IMR as these things are not flown in visuals.

Fog delay: The presidential flight could be seen trying to land and failing

 Great news though, apparently besides the jet ride costing tens of thousands of dollars, there was some huge motorcade taxpayers were paying for too at Palm Springs, which then had to drive 50 miles away to pick the sex perverts up costing a fortune more in overtime and fuel.

You do know that Joe Biden and his wife took a train back to Delaware and it cost Americans next to nothing? Can't have that though with 20 trillion dollar Obama though.

It is time to cut the cord on the Obama money train, as you are paying for the Obama wall in DC too.

This must be addressed.