Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Foundation of American Exceptionalism

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has been educating all of you concerning the Ashkenaz obliteration of the Assyrian German, and those Anglo Saxon peoples comprising the Western Peoples for over 100 years running.
Their candidate Obama was their gutter spittoon to the genocide of Americans and Germans in the Final Solution.

I desire you to read the following intelligence files, now that the Cold War has ended, and American exceptionalism is not such a passionate mantra, so that you will be able to understand that while the Americans, via the German Anglo Saxon immigrants produced the geniuses of the 1800's, the Germans or Assyrian Germans were in the intellectual arts as Goethe and the industrial arts in that the myriad of Germans who invented and perfected almost everything, created a Solomon nation in reality of a people who literally were as advanced culturally as Americans are over Africans today.

Read the reports of what Germany really discovered and what American plundered after 1945 in hauling the German genius into America, along with German wealth and societal order to produce the advancement which has changed the world.

This was not Bill Gates with high technology from IBM. This was horse and buggy era labs which were producing lasers, anti gravitational devices, ICBM rockets and fighter jets.
The following is not CIA planted conspiracy, but actual American military files in shipments of tons of paper out of Germany which contained patents from everything from industrial dyes to electronic tubes.

I have stated before that it was Germans who solved the atomic bomb fuse problem and it was German uranium the Americans used to attack Japan.

Special agents  from  the  U.S.  Field  Intelligence  Agencies  (Technical)  scoured
Germany for vacuum tubes a tenth of the size of the most advanced  U.S.
devices,  and  condensers  made  out  of zinc-coated  paper,  which  were  40
percent  smaller  and  20  percent  cheaper  than  U.S.  condensers—and,
instead  of "blowing"  like  the  U.S.  vacuum  tubes,  were  "self-healing"-
in  other  words,  they  could  repair  themselves.  Such  innovation  would
later prove invaluable to the postwar U.S.  electronics industry.
The  teams  were  also  on  the  lookout  for  German  textile  and  medical
advances—and  found  them  by  the  ton-load.  At  the  German  chemical
giant LG. Farbenindustrie, notorious for its role in the development of the
gas  chambers  of  the  Holocaust,  investigators  found  formulas  for  the
production  of exotic  textiles,  chemicals  and  plastics.  One  American  dye
authority  was  so  overwhelmed  by  the  discovery  that  he  declared:  "It
includes the production know-how and the secret formulas for over 50,000
dyes.  Many of them  are  faster  and better than  ours.  Many are  colors  we
were  never able to  make.  The  American  dye industry  will  be  advanced  at
least ten years." German biochemists had also found ways of pasteurizing
milk using ultraviolet  light  and  their  medical  scientists  had  discovered  a
way of producing synthetic blood plasma on a commercial scale.
Hundreds  of thousands  of German  patents  were  simply  removed  and
brought  back  to  America

Study the following realities in the Americans found a jet powered helicopter which was flying and perhaps the discovery of what the Foo Fighters were in World War II. For those unfamiliar with these orbs, American bomber crews found these strange high speed lights which followed them. The author of this information, Cook, discovered that most of the Foo Fighters appeared in one triangular shaped sector of Germany in a special night flying unit of bombers. The Germans had radio controlled aircraft or drones, but had not perfected their ability to "switch off" American bomber engines, which was the purpose of these advanced craft.

The Germans in 1944, during the war, were working on Star Wars technology.

Among  them  were  a  jet-propelled  helicopter  "in fly able  condition  ac-
companied  by  a complete  set  of documents  and  detailed  drawings";  the
Lippisch  P-16 tailless rocket-propelled research aircraft whose advanced
construction  indicated  "possible operation  at high  Mach numbers  in  the
vicinity of 1.85";  and the Horten Ho  229 twin-jet flying wing bomber.
Nothing comparable  existed  in the American inventory;  or anywhere
else,  for that matter.

The  files  detailed  the  growing  number  of
shipments back to the U.S.  "Hanau:  50 tons of documents ready for ship-
ment.  Munich:  30  tons  of documents  ready  for  shipment.  Teisendorf:
Approximately two tons of documents pertaining to flight-path studies of
guided rocket missiles are on location ready for shipment..."  From all
over   Germany,   documentation   was  being   gathered,   marshaled   and
hauled  back to  the  U.S.

a  "research  station"  near  the  town  of  Eib  See,  assessed  primarily  by
the  British,  curiously,  on  May  2,  1945,  it  said:  "Over  400  evacuated
Peenemunde  personnel  held.  Excavations  made  in  the  mountainside
close  to  lake  for  underground  workshops.  A  very  important  target."
Nothing else.
Mysterious  as  hell.
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 Luftfahrt forschungs  [sic].
  Radio-controlled aircraft.
 April 21-24,  1945.
 Action  Taken:
 Team has been dispatched.
  "Evidence of radio-controlled aircraft."
I scratched some notes. Another potential foo-fighter technology.
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  87,  Weimarerstr.  Vienna.
  Experiments  with  antiaircraft  rays.
  "Research  activity  is  conducted  in  a  house  at  the  above  address.  Research  personnel  were  not allowed to leave house (reported hermetically sealed)."
The Germans had been working on directed energy weapons and had
sealed those working on it from the outside world.
So many radical technologies and so long ago. I had no idea.
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Secret weapon.
 April 25,  1945.
  "Said to stop ignition system  of a  petrol  engine.  The  apparatus  has  succeeded  in  stopping  a motor  vehicle w/magneto ignition, but not one w/battery,  at a range of
2 or 3 km."
The report went on to say that the technology had been insufficiently
developed  to  have  been brought  against  aircraft,  but  it  made  clear  that
this was the goal.
The  Germans,  then,  had  also  been  working  on  devices  that  were
designed  to  "interfere with the engines of aircraft in flight,"

After reading the evidence of German superiority, it is the greatest crime in holocaust history which has been carried out against Germans three times now in World War I, World War II, and the Obama Merkel Muslim rape of Germany.

The Americans took the German advancements and over the decades perfected them in putting men on the moon and creating a television mind control industry. Everything was sound in America when it was German reich based. The problem took place when the community organized Obama types seized feudal power and turned the state against the people.

America now has the Anglo Saxon German Israelite Donald Trump as President and by this the world may be saved from oblivion, if the cartel arrayed against the world is degraded. It is the reality though of the facts of the real German technology which existed in 1944 and is still coming online in the 21st century.

The Assyrian Germans had built a Solomon nation, with a nation of Solomons, which was obliterated to the great harm of humanity.

There is an order, a Godly order, a genetic mindset which brings advancement to the human condition. It is peaceful order, positive direction, and the flourishing of the genius to know all is possible, when that orderly progression of thought is focused to create solutions.

May God bless Donald Trump in his Heavenly Order. Amen and Amen