Monday, June 6, 2016

The Saxon Anglo Bomb


From left: Richard Baer, Kommandant of Auschwitz in May 1944, Josef Mengele, Kommandant of Birkenau Josef Kramer, obscured,  Kommandant of Auschwitz Rudolf Höss, foreground;  man on the right is unknown.

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There is a hidden history, not the propaganda you are indoctrinated with, but one where all of your American exceptionalism is nothing exceptional at all. You have pride on a history of America which was not American at all, for all of your accomplishments since World War II, were simple mass infusions of German finance and German technology.

It was not Americans who put the first man on the moon, it was Adolf Hitler, because it was his German rocket scientists who were the genius of NASA.

I am not going to get into where the advanced technologies originated from and still do, but I will set the record straight in how the International Socialist of Martin Bormann, the Fuhrer's Chief of Staff, overthrew the Reich in coordination with the communists, and began with is Rockefeller and Warburg connections in the United States Government of Franklin Roosevelt, to complete the dismantling of Germany, as that is what World War I and II were about: the German Genocide.

The core of this was the Manhattan Project, created by German Scientists in exile in America, who had taken a fortune from the United States, and struggled for years to no produce an Atomic Bomb. In 1945, the Americans only had enough material for one bomb, but it was at that moment when Germany could have indeed won the war, that Martin Bormann and his aide General Klammer, negotiated a settlement with the Americans, behind Himmler, Goerings and Speer's back It was a victory in Germany which involved the drugging of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, where they were flown to Norway in a German intercontinental super plane, the plane painted with Swedish colors, and it flew across the Atlantic to Argentina, delivering the first of a number of precious cargoes to the New World, in Adolf Hitler, and billions which would be infused into American industry.

There was also a special cargo, being moved across the Atlantic when the surrender of Germany was announced. It was a U Boat number 234. Her commander and crew took her precious embalmed in gold stores to America, and those stores were Uranium oxide, or U 235, pure weapon's grade material.

Immediately America which only had one bomb, had several by miracle in no one knew where it came from. Robert Openheimer, the latter traitor, with his Manhattan team had struggled without result in the fuse structure of the bomb, but by German miracle, this was solved immediately with German detonators and German expertise.
The bombs which detonated in Japan were German completions, exactly as the materials which arrived in Japan were German also.
It was said the National Socialists of Germany, had produced 5 heavy nuclear bombs, but had refrained from using them, because of their toxicity and their inhumane nature.

Herr Speer, who was Hitler's Architect had no idea that Germany did indeed have several super weapon's projects which would have won Germany the war, as the Fuhrer spoke of them often to the German people. No one knew though that that the traitors inside of Germany had negotiated away the victory for the advancement of International Socialism, and Martin Bormann sowed those seeds in Operation Paperclip, and has brought us this non German world which has been hijacked by a sinister force now seeking genocide of the world.

Herr Himmler had to work out his own deal for escape to the British, as the British were cut out of this inner Saxon Anglo deal. Others were left to be executed, others in prison, but over 100,000 National Socialist by the Red Cross poured in the New World and their children are still part of this infrastructure which rules to this day.

You can read the details in the quotes below and the links, but the fact of it all is, that the Manhattan Project was not finished and would have been finished, as America would have been, as Germany was shipping nuclear grade material to Japan for use against America to stop the war. Information persists that Japan, using Germany technology, exploded a low grade nuclear weapon, long before Hiroshima.
So you get that point, Japan exploded the first nuclear weapon by information which is available first.

That is the humbling American history. Germany won the war for America and saved a million American Soldiers' lives by the German nuclear bomb which fixed the failed Manhattan Project.

I prefer the real history and not the propaganda.


The Phoenix Rises: the Bormann Plan - GREY FALCON

THE PHOENIX RISES: THE BORMANN PLAN . ... Martin Bormann and the ... as well as shares in the 750 corporations he helped Bormann establish during the last year of ...

By comparing lists of wanted war criminals to travel documents, Steinacher says Britain and Canada alone inadvertently took in around 8,000 former Waffen-SS members in 1947, many on the basis of valid documents issued mistakenly.

Steinacher says the documents indicate that the Red Cross, mostly in Rome or Genoa, issued at least 120,000 of the 10.100s, and that 90% of ex-Nazis fled via Italy, mostly to Spain, and North and South America – notably Argentina.

The traditional history of the atomic bomb accepts as an unimportant footnote the arrival of U-234 on United States shores, and admits the U-boat carried uranium oxide.
The traditional history denies, however, that the uranium on board U-234 was enriched and therefore easily usable in an atomic bomb. The accepted history asserts there is no evidence that the uranium stocks of U-234 were transferred into the Manhattan Project, although recent suggestions have hinted that this may have occurred. And the traditional history asserts that the bomb components on board U-234 arrived too late to be included in the atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan. The documentation indicates quite differently on all accounts.
Before U-234 had landed at Portsmouth - before it even left Europe - United States and British intelligence knew U-234 was on a mission to Japan and that it carried important passengers and cargo.iv A portion of the cargo, especially, was of a singular nature. According to U-234's chief radio operator, Wolfgang Hirschfeld, who witnessed the loading of the U-boat: 'At the time I didn't see how many containers there were, but the Loading Manifest showed ten. Each case was a cube, possibly steel and lead, nine inches along each side and enormously heavy. Once the inscription U235 had been painted on the wrapping of a package, it would then be carried over to the knot of crewmen under the supervision of Sub-Lt Pfaff and the boatswain, Peter Scholch, and stowed in one of the six vertical mineshafts.'
Hirschfeld's straightforward account of the uranium being "highly radioactive" - he later witnessed the storage tubes being tested with Geiger counters,vi - and labeled "U235" provides profoundly important information about this cargo. U235 is the scientific designation of enriched uranium - the type of uranium required to fuel an atomic bomb. On the second page of U-234's cargo manifest, halfway down the page, was the entry "10 cases, 560 kilograms, uranium oxide."

To this end, Reichsleiter Martin Bormann orchestrated a top secret meeting on August 10, 1944, at the Hotel Rotes Haus in Strassburg, in occupied France.
Representatives of all the major German industrial and armaments firms were present, including the huge firms of Krupp, Thyssen, and of course, I.G. Farben. Also present were Bormann himself, Hjalmar Schacht, president of the Reichsbank, and his son-in-law, the famous SS commando, Colonel Otto Skorzeny, leader of the daring air mission to rescue Benito Mussolini in 1943. At this meeting, "provisions were made not only to move great sums of money outside Germany but also to camouflage foreign assets on paper for the resurrection of a financial-industrial empire, of sorts, once the Reich collapsed. This empire was to be controlled by the SS." [Henry Stevens, The Last Battalion and German Arctic, Antarctic, and Andean Bases]
As a result of this plan, the well-known SS-run ratlines were formed to assist fleeing SS and other Nazis, to provide for their financial security, relocation, and false identities. The most famous of these was of course the ODESSA group, or the Organization Der Ehemahlige SS Angehörigen, or "Organization of Former SS Members." Another famous organization was "Die Spinne" or The Spider. In any case, under the Reichsleiter's powerful protection, the SS, in concert with the Kriegsmarine, began to smuggle enormous quantities of gold, precious gems, art and both genuine and counterfeit cash out of Germany. To a lesser extent, machine tools, steel, technicians and other personnel began to be quietly siphoned off Germany industry and smuggled out of Europe.
The financial treasure trove was then laundered by the SS via a variety of methods, for example, through Evita Peron's Swiss bank accounts, through dummy corporations, through the South American drug trade, and so on. During this immediate postwar period, most of this fortune was controlled by Otto Skorzeny.

The German industrialists who had been set up abroad with SS money dating back to the deal at the Rotes Haus in Strassbourg in 1944 were asked by Skorzeny to pay back their loans. Both Thyssen and Krupp did so, as presumably did others. To give the reader an idea of the sums collected by Skorzeny, Eva Peron alone had an estimated $800 million dollars in bank deposits, in 1945, and 4,600 carats of diamonds and other precious stones, 90 kilograms of platinum and 2,500 kilograms of gold.

Under the direction of Dr Herman Josef Abs (who never became a Nazi) the bank was responsible for financing the slave labour used by business giants such as Siemens, BMW, Volkswagen, I.G. Farben, Daimler Benz and others. The banks wealth quadrupled during the twelve years of Hitler's rule. Arrested by the British after the war for war crimes, he was quietly released after the intervention of the Bank of England to help restore the German banking industry in the British zone This caused much dissension between the British and the Americans who wanted the German Economy crushed. Later, he became financial advisor to the first West German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer. Herman Abs died in 1994.

Martin Bormann who arranged the surrender of the U-234 and its precious cargo of enriched uranium, infrared proximity fuses, heavy water, and possibly even atom bomb designs or an actual functioning atom bomb to the United States. [It should be noted that Hydrick does not maintain that the Nazis were successful in building and successfully testing an atom bomb during the war, much less of trying to transport blueprints or a functioning model to the Japanese in the U-234. Robert Wilcox in his Japan's Secret War, presents evidence that the Japanese successfully tested a bomb shortly after the bombing of Nagasaki. An infusion of actual bomb designs to the Japanese by the Germans late in the war might account for their relatively quick ability to develop and test a weapon under such difficult circumstances as the Japanese economy and military were in at the end of the war. However, it should also be noted that the Japanese had independently designed their own workable bomb along similar lines as existing German designs, as well as along the lines employed in the Little Boy Hiroshima bomb.

puts Himmler's last ditch and clumsy efforts to negotiate a separate peace with the Western Allies via Sweden into a new light. Himmler was perhaps offering them the vast cache of secrets he thought he controlled through Kammler's "think tank." It is very possible that the American intelligence community already knew of this treasure trove via their SS contacts through Allen Dulles and SS General Wolff, and had made "other arrangements" that included neither Himmler nor the British. Thus, by the time of Kammler's refusal to his SS boss to allow him the use of a Ju 290 or Ju 390, effective control and disposition of the SS black projects had slipped from Himmler's hands and into Bormann's.