Friday, January 27, 2017

The Inventive Fork

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In the venue of advanced technologies, which the German and American peoples were perfecting from World War II onward, a strange reality took place in the Americans were developing zero gravity engines by a Professor Brown and the Germans were creating the same technology from Herr Schauberger.
In both cases, the scientists in both nations scoffed at their weird natural science and refused to get out of their flat brain mode.

It all is encapsulated in a report from an Air Force investigator named Cady to General Carroll, in which Cady discounts the entire Brown process and discoveries.

The report, which was forwarded by AFOSI to Major General Joseph F.
Carroll,  Deputy  Inspector  General  of  the  USAF,  made  disappointing
reading all  around.
"Mr. Brown claims that a gravitational anomaly exists in the neighbor-
hood  of a  charged  condenser,"  Cady  wrote  in  his  conclusions,  adding:
"This effect has  not been  well  documented by Mr. Brown."
Cady went on to say that there was no electrogravitational link, merely
a  disturbance  of  the  air  around  the  model  saucers  stimulated  by  the
electrical  charge  and  it  was  this  that  was  causing  them  to  be  propelled
upward and forward.
Any hope that this technology might be of use in aerospace propulsion
was  damned  by Cady.  "If the efficiency  of conversion of fuel energy into
electrical energy is 21 percent, the overall efficiency of propulsion of the
model flying saucers  by the  electric  wind  is  0.3  percent.  This  compares
with about 25  percent for a propeller-driven airplane and  15  percent for
a jet airplane."

If one bothers to examine what Cady is stating in a zero gravity engine, Cady states the aircraft were moving upward and forward. Upward and forward means that Brown had a working prototype in the Brown zero g engine was functional......meaning it worked.

In serious examination, the first Wright Brothers' flights were not successes in transfers of energy, but as technology advanced, jet aircraft appeared, and those craft too were not feasible as were the first rocket craft.

What should not be lost in this report is Cady absolutely verifies that the craft moved, that it was a cause and effect, and it does not matter if it is electro gravitational in his opinion, and only an electrical charge, the point is the technology worked, no matter what it was doing or how it was doing it.

Professor Brown had invented a vacuum tube where electricity flowing through it was the thrust for an engine, and in another craft he was proposing, he would use a jet engine to provide the increased electricity he would need for such an advanced craft. This was in the 1930's that he was creating these machines, which actually were working.

In all of this, it was the same type of technology in the German Bell, an anti gravitational engine. In numbers of instances technology as this which was appearing in Americans science or later Schauberger's work, was discounted or stolen, for the simple reason, the Americans had already been provided this technology by the Hitler Associates at the close of World War II.,0,-103

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