Sunday, January 29, 2017

Toothbrush Review

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For all of my days, I looked at people with electric toothbrushes as off in the head, as I could see absolutely no use for them.

Then I met TL and TL had this Philips Series E toothbrush and I thought, "OK I have my manual one with salt and La'me is just fine with the horse and buggy day technology".

The TL purchased me one, and I was forced to use it, as it would be impolite to not use it.

That was going on 4 years ago and is the reason for this product review, as I really like this Series E, and apparently so do numbers of other people.

TL's original is going on 6 years old without one glitch. The toothbrush is basically the base is the battery and when turned on, it vibrates two magnets in the handle, and that is what creates the movement of the toothbrush.

I am amazed at things working right in this world, but Philips produced a very good product.

You have to be careful though to purchase only Philips replacements as the generic ones apparently fall apart and tear gums up.

There are a few things one has to do with this toothbrush though, and there will not be problems. The head should only be rinsed on the brushes and the stem then wiped dry, or else it will eventually leak past the wore out rubber gasket and cause a nightmare toothpaste sludge to be cleaned out.

I had to replace my head after 3 years of abuse. Philips says 3 months, but that is ridiculous. If you care for this toothbrush and not act like you are sanding the enamel off your teeth, it will last and last.

I brush my teeth in about a minute, and the charge lasts for several months. Charging takes overnight and then I am good to go again.

I do not say good things about most products, but this one changed my mind from horse and buggy toothbrushes to a modern one. It honestly does work better than an old toothbrush and only requires a pea size daub of toothpaste.

And no I did not get a thing for this review, any more than anything else I place here which has worked out for me.

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