Saturday, January 28, 2017

American Courts and ACLU Protect Terrorism

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It is time for those associated with the courts in America, who are intent on exposing Americans to terror attacks, be subject to their actions in the latest treacherous attempt by the ACLU and two federal Judges who have stopped the deportation of foreigners from America.

U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly of New York, and US District Judge Brinkema of Virginia, in siding with the ACLU, have given American Rights to non Americans, who were in custody of the Government and being deported.
Included in this, is the reality that almost 60% of these foreigners once out of detention "disappear".

It is paramount for the Trump Administration to not only appeal these actions endangering Americans, but place this entire group on notice that it does not require one terror event to occur in America or against Americans overseas in this time,  that this group's actions is giving aid and comfort to terrorists, and  is criminally responsible and are accomplices to the terror event.
This group must face full and immediate prosecution.

Seriously, at least bin Laden's family had sense to flee America, but in the case of these 3rd world squatters, they are inflicting upon Americans, and have the ACLU using American courts against the American People.

When enough of these liberals are charged, convicted speedily in courts, ruined financially and placed into Gitmo detention for life in aiding terrorists, these pompous court officials will soon enough be scurrying away.

This is what the 2016 elections were all about in Americans being fed up with the entire police state protecting foreigners and criminalizing Americans trying to protect themselves. It is time the persecutors of Americans be held responsible in the US Courts.

No US Court, no US Judge, no US Attorney and no foreign vermin squatters can produce any ruling which puts any American in jeopardy, that is what the Patriot Act is about. No one can circumvent National Security. PERIOD!!!

The USA PATRIOT Act: Preserving Life and Liberty -

The USA PATRIOT Act: Preserving Life and Liberty (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism)