Wednesday, January 11, 2017

TWA Flight 3

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If I were to say Flight TWA 3, you would probably not be aware that in its day it was the biggest air disaster in history. On board were a host of war pilots and the famous actress Carole Lombard, wife of the biggest star in Clarke Gable, all died in Nevada when the DC 3 flew into a mountain on the night of January 16th, 1942 AD in the year of our Lord.

Lombard had been on a bond selling tour and netted the war effort 2 million dollars and was almost knocked off the flight by the pilots taken on board, but complained about it, and was allowed to continue on to her death.

In this, the investigators concluded that the most experienced pilot TWA had in training bomber pilots had made a mistake in trajectory, in thinking it was a Denver flight and not Las Vegas, and set an altitude of 8000 feet which was 400 feet below the mountains which the plane crashed another flight had taken that same Denver heading.

This is where the story begins to be a bit odd, as the FBI files on the crash state this:

UFOs were seen in the Flight 3 airway on nights leading up to January 16. No, seriously, UFOs. Many people logically dismiss UFOs as Cold War paranoia, but we’re talking sightings of odd lights in the sky before the era of Roswell and the “flying saucer” by eyewitnesses that include a Civil Aeronautics Authority man. A fed. A trained observer equivalent to today’s FAA investigators who saw spherical lights in the sky that were not aircraft.

Then there was this most interesting detail shared by noted American, Orson Welles:

In the book My Lunches with Orson, Orson Welles claims that he had been told by a security agent that the aircraft was shot down by Nazi agents who knew of the route in advance. He also claimed that the shooting was hushed up to prevent vigilante action against Americans with German ancestry.

In the paranoia of war, there are always rumors and more rumors. The fact is that the Germans did know the path of this flight, but they did not bring this aircraft down. According to inquiry, there were lights in the sky, but it was not UFO's.
It was pilot error on a very long flight.

The death of Carole Lombard devastated Clarke Gable and he never was the same. It is odd how some of the greatest events in history so important then, are no longer remembered.........except of course on conspiracy theories.

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