Saturday, January 28, 2017

Welcome to the Hotel California

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As a States Rights Advocate, I have always believed in the South's Right to a Confederacy to leave the Union which it voted to join, compared to the Lincoln Doctrine of Indivisible Union, which was for life as in Biblical marriage and could never be dissolved.

In this the liberal's of California, are petitioning to vote for secede from the United States, but it has nothing to do with States Rights, but is instead a matter of One California,

California has been at war with the United States of America, ever since it's garnering of vast amounts of American wealth in World War II, and becoming a superstate, whereby it unleashed the degrading counter culture on America, for which America has been raped, sodomized and Californicated for a generation. The States of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico and Missouri have all suffered from Californians who are rich, fleeing that cesspool, driving up real estate prices, and then voting for more of these goddamn liberals, bringing ruin to those States too.
So when California brags of it being one of the biggest economies in the world, that economy was built on dead America corpses fueling the Military Industrial Complex wars across the globe. California is built on the blood of the innocent and the sweat of Asian and American slave labor.

Make no mistake in this, that California is in sedition, and is approaching an Act of War upon America in their liberal traitors have concluded to withhold taxes from the US Treasury, which is a criminal violation, for which all taking part in this should be hung. Every State and person has to pay taxes. Just because California could not overthrow the US Election for President for their Wall Street whore Hillary Clinton, does not give them more Rights to not pay taxes like the rest of Americans.

In this though, I do plead with California to do what they are doing in sedition, treachery and treason, because ever since I read of John Charles Fremont and Kit Carson liberating California and driving the Mexican Imperialists from the lands, I have thought what a wonderful adventure it would be to join a Rough Riding Division and sweep through California with the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air.

Think of the new songs in, I Left My Napalm In San Fransisco and Thermobaric Highway. 

My main concern is that I would not get to be in on any of the fighting or plundering. See I see President Donald Trump, appealing to California  Patirots, and California has many Patriots, to make them a militant militia, with complete authority to make warfare, and to loot and spoil all the liberal areas. California in the North is normal people, Orange County is normal, the farming valleys are normal and San Diego is normal, as the liberals just exist in their despotic cesspools of slavery and sodomy in San Fran, LA and parts of Sacramento.
A simple Presidential Order allowing for example the prosecution of apprehending seditionists in those counties, with complete war booty confiscation of seditionist property would be like a free for all of redistribution of wealth. I would figure with some napalm lighting up liberal land, that they along with all the illegals would be pouring into Baja America, where the terror camps could be  bombed by thermobaric bombs.
Not to leave out the States of Oregon, Nevada and Arizona, whose Citizens could confiscate in their militias all Californian property entering their Sovereign States and I just do not see how much a popular girl would have to do. Maybe I could put on my  Commodore uniform and run a  gun boat up and down some river, as I like the idea of shelling targets in defense of the California Militia.

You know I was thinking that Mischa Barton was yelling about witches and the end of the world. Maybe she foresaw all of this as some Rasputin, and does not belong in the nut house, but should have her own oracle temple or something.......well at least until after the war and Christianity is established.

I really do hope these seditionists out in California do progress this, so the federal Government can John Brown all of their sorry asses. The vast majority of Americans hate Californians with cause, they would really enjoy a good burn down by a Government sanctioned militia there, probably complete with hanging the traitors by the lamp posts as they sing Sean  Hannity, shooting bullets at the moon songs.

What I would really like to do is to assist some enterprising Militiamen Patriots of the Federal Government to take an 88 off my gunboat, and we could conquer Mark Zuckerberg's mansion. I don't want the property, but would like his bank account as it is all NSA funding any way. Then we would purchase a nice ranch and ride horses and do other Ron and Nancy Reagan things.

Of course the above is the clean version of cleansing California, the other version is California raising liberal hell, means that nuclear Muslim terrorists, nuclear Chicom terrorists, nuclear North Korean terrorists all see America is weaker, and open for attacks which will bring a war where all America becomes a target, and then Russian cobalt bombs cleanse California of all life.

See for all fun in this of war adventures and commodore uniforms, there is a reality that is deadly for America, in California sedition is sending a message to all American enemies, and making each of us a nuclear target, and that target extends to Berlin and Paris. California could start Armageddon in trying to overthrow the US Government a second time in, it failed in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord with vote fraud against President Donald Trump, and now is breaking the law in advocating not paying taxes, for which Gordon Kahl was butchered for in  North Dakota.

This is serious business and if California liberals do not understand that Americans are festering for fight inside her borders, and upon realizing California is making all of America a Chicom nuclear target, there will be a reality that there is not going to be any place on this planet they can flee to from that kind of American wrath.

There are vast swaths of California which is Unionized and millions of loyal Californians. I beg the liberals progress this out as a lesson to New York City and Albany, and any other Minneapolis enclave of sedition against President Trump, that just as in 1776 and in 1861, Americans are of a mind to put down a rebellion which has placed all of their necks on  the line with a Federalized Militia.

Rather a simple military operation from the Federals. Backing from Americans with scores to settle. Californians rewarded with booty, drive the seditionists and illegals to Baja America, thermobaric cleanse the terror camps............California is Reagan Blue State in 2018 and  the entire operation is over in 6 months and we can all ride our ponies around on what was Los Angeles and picnic on the Hills of San Francisco.

A campaign for California to secede from the rest of the country over Donald Trump's election is gaining momentum, with supporters allowed to start collecting signatures for the measure to be put to a vote.
California's Secretary of State Alex Padilla gave the green light on Thursday for proponents of "California Nationhood" -- also known as Calexit -- to start collecting the nearly 600,000 signatures needed for the measure to qualify on the November 2018 ballot.
The 585,407 signatures required by July 25 represent eight percent of registered voters in California -- the most populous state in the country with nearly 40 million residents and the world's sixth-largest economy.