Sunday, January 15, 2017

When I Fly

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 When I fly, I do it to relax, as lamenting in Psalms about having wings of a dove to fly away, only provides solace for the moment.

I do not fly TSA as I am not going to be molested or zapped by cancer beams, so I fly my own plane.

No I do not have a plane as no one has yet donated the plane fare for dreams to come true, so I get into my mind, go through the checklist, and I fly my plane around.

See I like my planes. I have a red one with a stripe, a blue one with a stripe and a aqua marine one with a stripe, as I am a mood color flier.

The thing is I like the wing on the 414A Cessna, but I sort of like the body design of larger models.

See you get a larger sight picture in this model, and I like seeing things, and not just looking at the sky when I take off or land.

I like the interior on this model too. More comforting. Not a pressure stick like a fighter, but then I do have the nice hatch on each side, so I do not have to crawl around in back like the bigger fuselage models, as with two engines you get the big ride.
Is ok as I do not like people, but I do like taking my dogs along, or lots of fish I have caught or maybe some goat steaks, as I like coolers of meat.

So I fly my plane, always is a sunny day, I do slow turns, spirals from up high that are wide and float down like a leaf so I can see the world, and just flying between water and land, with hills and mountains far off.

I am not a deck trimmer like Chuck Yeager. No speed, no thrills, no danger, as I just do the swallow, just the sweeping glide because I am happy to be me.

What are you going to do when someone throws you into confinement, when the lights go off for years, when someone takes it all from you and there is no way out.........then what are you going to do? Give up and die, become a fuck bag, go crazy or just find out what kind of a plotting predator you really are.

Me, I go flying. I smell the scent of the plane, the fuel, the light, the humidity.........I sometimes fly my carburetor prop or I update to fuel injected.

Beechcraft 58's have pretty engines. I like pretty engines, but their cabins do not give my mind an easy ride. I do like their displays though. Probably why they end up in my Cessna with other Cessna wings.