Sunday, January 22, 2017

White House Staff Bending Over For Press Corpse

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

According to the lying press there are 4 people who think they are Donald Trump's Chief of Staff, in Jared Kurschner, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway and Reince Priebus.

According to the fake news press, Major Garrett of CBS fake news, Garrett was talking with Steve Bannon about the little cubby holes that the White House press corp endures, and Bannon upon seeing them said, "Well this is populist, we can live with this".
Garrett asked again if the press was going to be moved out, and Bannon said, "This is populist, we can live with this".

Let me start this off so there is no doubt in this, that I am pissed with Righteous Indignation.


For starters the DO NOTHING CONGRESS deliberately detained President Trump on Inauguration Day, so he did not get a damn thing done, and word came from Spicer of the Press Corpse, that it would be Monday.

Americans sent Donald Trump to Washington to DRAIN THE SWAMP, not to have those lazy asses in Congress stuff their faces with expensive food, preening on about Cleo the Clock (If you missed that, you missed two of the nuttiest speeches in the world, led by Nancy Pelosi, talking about a clock non stop.) and the reason I am pissed????

Trump seemed puzzled by Pelosi's cryptic message given at ...

Trump clearly looks puzzled when Nancy pelosi schools him on "Cleo". ... also talks about the clock which is above Cleo that Lincoln use ta look up at. ... Pelosi ...

I am pissed because there were Americans standing out in the damned cold and rain while these pompous asses were chowing down in comfort, and those Americans were out there 90 minutes waiting to march in a parade to honor President Trump, and then had to march in the dark.

That is what is wrong with Washington DC, in the PEOPLE get stuffed out in the cold rain, while those millionaires all jack each other off about how wonderful they are and think a clock named Cleo is of some value to normal people.

I did not vote for any of this bullshit and if there are still Trump advisers who are American in this inner circle, they should pay attention to a reality check which is about to be posted here about Up the Press Cunt Bannon.

A question first.

Ah where in the Constitution does it state that the press gets access and office space which Americans have to pay for in the White House?

Oh yes, freedom of the press........but what about the right of access of the other freedoms in RELIGION and ASSEMBLY?

Major Garrett on Twitter: "Steve Bannon just took a tour of ...

Major Garrett Verified ... Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet; Steve Bannon just took a tour of the WH ... His reaction: "very populist" #inauguration2017 #Trump ...

Why is it not populist of the American clergy like Franklin Graham to have his office in the White House, and 50 preachers have their daily briefing?

What about the assembly in the protestors and advocates. Why doesn't the Psycho Twats of America have their room to burn down in protest and the NRA have a room in the White House to wave flags?

Where is the legal right of access in this? When the press has a right that religion or assembly does not have, that is a breach of the Constitution and ILLEGAL!!!

Into this, where in the blessed room space is the Lame Cherry office in the White House? Or for that matter the Des Moines Register or Alex Jones or Jeff Rense. I certainly did more than anyone in this blog in accomplishing God's work in changing the time line, and I do not see Steve Bannon talking about how populist it is to have Lame Cherry access to the White House or any of the other hard working advocates who did all the work in running interference for Donald Trump.

So let us get a few things straight in this. Americans did not vote for the same fake news traitors to be given more rights than the rest of Americans. There is nothing populist in that in the least. Steve Bannon just agreed to press bigotry where CBS is of more value than a Paul Joseph Watson blog.
As the Lame Cherry reminds all in this, let Bannon put that horse shit into the elections, in the big press gets more right than the small electoral college blogs, and Donald Trump would not be President now, and instead Hillary Clinton would have Loretta Lynch indicting Donald Trump for treason in Russian hacking.

So that pretty much sums up why I am pissed off. I do not stand for Americans desiring to march in a parade were pissed on by the skies and those pissers in Congress preening each other like gods. I do not stand for Steven Bannon bigotry in rewarding the 5th column enemies of America with White House office space, when I am stuck in poverty and have Homeland interviewing me for posting information to keep Americans safe and to bring about world peace.

Major problems in the Trump White House in Steve Bannon just fed the political cancer, and Priebus and Spicer, assisted Congress in flat lining this Administration to keep President Trump from the job.

The Lame Cherry trusts President Donald Trump and the Lame Cherry adores Donald Trump, but this cadre of up the cunts from Mike Pence to Steve Bannon have proven they are the absolute problem in creating the destruction of the Trump Administration.

As Steve Bannon is so short sighted that he thinks elitist terror press is populist, then I demand that 50 preachers have offices in the White House and have a White House Clergy Director briefing every day, and I demand for equal access groups to assemble daily in the White House for equal access rights.
If that is not going to be done, the throw the damn press out to the street where they belong and stop having your head up a twat thinking this is some Constitutional provision, when all it is accomplishing is Constitutional destruction of America.

President Donald Trump is being ill served by unInspired, self serving flat brains. That is the fact.

Reporters also traditionally have free access to “Lower Press,” a set of offices for the deputy and assistant press secretaries just off the Brady Briefing Room. Some time after Obama and Trump departed the White House, the door to “Lower Press” was locked. Zeke Miller, a Time correspondent and board member of the White House Correspondents’ Association, asked Shah to have the door unlocked. Shah was unfamiliar with the setup — but the sliding door was unlocked within 15 minutes of the conversation.

Did Shah powder Zeke Miller's ass too while he was shitting on the Trump Staff as Bannon handed out the Exlax?

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