Tuesday, February 14, 2017


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

One of the new mind conditioning mantras designed to slow down the Energized President Donald Trump, is Mr. Trump is doing too much, his scheduling is too full and everything must slow down, as the staff can not keep up.

The Lame Cherry offers this again, LET TRUMP BE TRUMP, as Corey Lewandowski noted.

The Lame Cherry will offer that in World War II, General George S. Patton wore out his field Generals to exhaustion in a constant revolving door. This is how Donald Trump ran his empire. He had staff who worked in groups around the clock, because Mr. Trump fatigued them.

If anything, President Trump needs to accomplish more in hiring a second staff who are not coup plotters like Mike Pence, Pence's new testicle Reince Priebus, and their available vagina which has  a history of liking old cocks, in Katie Walsh.

In all seriousness, President Trump has been doing a perfect job as President. If the President simply did not have coup plotters like Pence for Big Koch, Katie Walsh working for HW Bush and the Obama community organized intelligence coup, with direct collusion by Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, everything would be operating Trump smoothly if not for this multi front coup.

It is all simple in President Trump needs to form a Midnight Government, appoint a second Vice President, second Chief of Staff, second Treasury, second CIA, NSA and Homeland Director and let them work in competition to carrying out the President's and American People's Agenda.
The problem is not Mr. Trump moving too fast, but Mr. Trump not having a staff capable of carrying out his orders 24 hours a day. More simply has to be accomplished, as President Trump is quite capable of  accomplishing 100 years of presidencies in his first 4 years and solve the problems which require solving.

Then in this competition, which obviously traitors like Pence and Walsh will be exposed as not serving the President, due to the accomplishments of the Midnight Government, the public will say YOU'RE FIRED to them and the true Patriots will have earned their offices and American trust.

This all needed to be said, as the staff at the White House can not keep up with President Trump, mostly because they are serving their own ambitions to be President and Chief of Staff to get Jeb Bush as Vice President. The true President, just needs an Administration which implements orders, arrests traitors and understands that Russia is someone to not start a nuclear war with.

So here is the deal, President Trump appoints unofficially with full deputized Trump power a Midnight Staff and and a Four to Midnight Staff......that leaves Mike Pence to screw things up with Paul Ryan from eight until four during the day with image Obama riot intelligence plotters.

Here the Lame Cherry will suggests this:

Laura Ingraham and me as Vice President. She has a kid so I will take the Midnight shift.

Mark Levin is Ingraham's chief of staff and I will take Chris Christie.

I pick David Clarke as my Homeland Chief to arrest and shoot traitors and Joe Arpiao can be Ingraham's.

I pick Ann Coulter as my legal counsel and Roger Stone can be Ingraham's.

Give us all a  Trump blanket pardon and a week into it everything will be cleaned up.

There is a great deal of satire in what is posted here, but there is even more Truth and the best Advice being offered to President Trump.

One more thing, the President needs to commission Ivanka, Don and Eric as officers in the US military, and send them overseas and not let them come back, until they have killed enough terrorists that they enjoy it. They will then have the right mentality to provide the kind of advice that President Trump requires.

The enemies of America are saying to slow down, that means speed up and tear down their wall of insurrection. No one bitched about Obama running wild in new programs every day, so President Trump should triple the output with two more White House Staffs to implement the Trump Make America Great Again.