Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Kim Solution


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am pondering if a certain western President whose head measured by the American Leftist Coup Plotters is taking note of the astute measures which President Kim Jong Un undertook, when the same coup plotter, decided to try and hire his brother Kim Jong Nam to cut off his brother's North Korean head.

I realize this is a bit difficult in Nams and Uns, but it boils down to the father, Kim Daddy, beloved leader Kim Jong Il,  fathered Nam first, tossed Nam to the side for the half brother in Un, and the choice has proven absolutely astute as Kim Jong Un ties political generals to a stake and then shoots them with a howitzer as lessons to his military coup plotters, and when his brother is approached to perform a coup for the globalists, President Un assassinates his own brother by chemical weapons.


This is of note, as Nam actually has a wife living in communist China and has a Chinese mistress who was minding him. In translation, the Kim Jong Un assassinated his brother right under Peking's protection.

Kim Jong-nam had two wives, at least one mistress, and several children. His first wife, Shin Jong-hui (born c. 1980), lives at a home called Dragon Villa on the northern outskirts of Beijing. His second wife, Lee Hye-kyong (born c. 1970), their son Han-sol (born c. 1995) and their daughter Sol-hui (born c. 1998) live in a modest 12-story apartment building in Macau; Jong-nam's mistress, former Air China flight attendant Chen Jia-Xi (born c. 1980), also lives in Macau.

See what is really important in this is the intelligence, but more on this after the links.

Kim Jong Nam: North Korean Leader's Brother Dead ... - time.com

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's estranged half-brother Kim Jong Nam has been killed in Malaysia, South Korean government sources confirmed Tuesday.

See President Trump and President Kobe or something from Japan were having a golfing outing and Kim Jong Un timed a nuclear missile launch to join the golf match.

So you get this, the globalists bought Nam, were moving to stage a coup, and Un knew of it, took immediate action and got rid of his coup problem.

How does Kim Jong Un know this? You might guess that someone named Hillary Clinton in her server portol that went into the entire US Government, just might have opened an intelligence door into everything America and the world was starting.......as in Obama started this coup to dump into President Trump's lap, and someone allowed North Korea to know of the planned coup.

But American intelligence is more interested in Mike Flynn and fixated on President Trump.

It is amazing how Kim Jong Un solved all of his problems with a few women.

The North Korean spy who blew up a plane - BBC News

As North Korea threatens nuclear war, ... The North Korean spy who blew up a plane. ... she blew up a South Korean airliner.

The question in this, is what was Mike Pence going to find at NSA which would incriminate Mike Pence and Paul Ryan in the coup against President Trump.