Friday, February 3, 2017

Outlaw USA

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A Bush appointed robe wearer in Washington state, declared that the United States of America does not have the right to stop foreigners from entering America.

This court ruled that President Trump in taking the oath of office in protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States in enemies foreign and domestic, does not have the Executive Right to enforce the laws in protecting America from invasion of any form.

There is absolutely no law and no logic in this from this court. It is an outlaw court.

Franklin Roosevelt in World War II engaged in two actions:

One against Americans of Japanese heritage in moving them for security purposes to internment camps.

Two against Jews from Europe on ships in transit to America in turning them back.

These were legal actions in protecting America and in this 21st century, a court has ruled that no one can be stopped from entering the United States. The United States literally has no borders, and the United States and absolutely no law, nor Constitution any longer.
The right to self defense is the prime directive of any nation and people. To defend a nation from invasion or settling by foreigners supplanting the native peoples. Such activities in nature are termed extinction when foreign species displace the native species.

Judge James Robart has legalized American Genocide. This is a ruling of high crimes against Americans under the guise of financial stress of the states of Minnesota and Washington. The 10th Amendment Right of the States does not supersede the Right of the People to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
The Federal can not erase the rights of the States and the State can not eradicate the rights of the People who gave life to the Federal and the State.

America is in jeopardy when the courts criminals the President fulfilling his oath and the outcome is the court ruling the death of the nation.

This court has declared war on the American President and the American People.

Judge James Robart delcared, "Black Lives Matter," during a hearing ...

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