Friday, February 3, 2017

Current Reversals from President Trump and Ivanka Trump!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_1200/president-trump-ivanka-trump.jpg

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The following reversals are congruent with the honesty of President Donald Trump. There is something different concerning Rex Tillerson as something is happening at State with him.

The most important reversal came from Ivanka Trump, and it was a humble admission from her that in going to DC, there is only one answer and that is to get right with the Lord. I view the Lord as Christ, this Jew convert is speaking in Christian terms.
Mrs. Kurschner is too kind hearted and too liberal in the ivory tower life, and she should not have abandoned Christ. She is though thinking in humble correct terms. Her husband should find that humility.

President Donald Trump

On Hannity

opposition : You must miss the mob by giving madness

take care a lot of people : My ship surfing in the shallow (just getting started)

terror crime in Europe : They're killing the scene

talk to press : Who will name the goddess (Talk about dreams)

false stories : Soul force I lead

CIA meeting : Have fun with it

Obamacare : Angry sell not bad

CIA press conference : I will see your stuff when the world suffered (See what he is made of)

Great applause at CIA  - Wolf helps you, the soul would ache (inner strength helps by the hurt.)

Obamacare replace with better plan - That's near me.

sneaky dirty rat terrorists - I will be bold in it

Iran worst deal ransom payment - The madness there was a winner (Iran)

Picked it up fast - They want me Nixon (Impeaching Trump)

CIA Speech

CIA voted for him - Blessing the Lord stuff

Bust of Churchill - I'll honor the one

I respect CIA - We got scum (Clean the traitors out)

Rex Tillerson

Safe State Department - Men will miss you

Every member has a  job  to do - They make prop keeps you wallow

Do your job - Yes you'll miss it see they'll listen

Ivanka  Trump

Give Donald Trump time - May help (Ivanka may help)

Friends with Chelsea - Innocent survivor

Grandfather going to DC - This will be the answer "Get right with the Lord".

Melania Trump

Not enough credit to Donald - In our family we heard it

Successful modeling career  - The Donald sack

Chuck Schumer

Mean spirited unAmerican - I'm so evil

Mean spirited unAmerican - You snuck assault (Attacked Donald Trump)

Prime Minister Trudeau

31.000 refugees - Serving set up (Betraying Canada and America)

Donald Trump at Gorsuch Revealing

Asking for a long time - Here I go

Here they come - Our devil (Gorsuch is the one who is going to give liberals a hard time)

On Gorsuch - Your wolf likes you (Self confidence)

Judge Gorsuch

House of history - You'll see the sign

Donald Trump

Mocking Schumer crying - You're fantasy save it.

Untapped oil in America - I will steer right, they all want value. (Means he will protect Americans)

We're loaded with oil - I like it

On oil - I won

Trump at CIA

Thank you - Hopefully we get scum (Going after traitors)

Start winning again - My belief as a President

Great transition - No act for me

Donald Trump took down the bust - Solve it right with much blood (Make the liars pay)

Great professor uncle - Suffer guilt

Everyone wants a position - We love you

People for jobs - Is he set up (Are the government positions set up)

Gary McKinnon (hacked into Pentagon looking for UFO)

remote control program - Air Force moving up

office environment - We sell that scheme

this picture - Our ships in them

turn off machines - I'm a survivor hack

scan 65,000 machines - These nations I've obviously snagged