Saturday, February 25, 2017

Secret Ben Affleck Batman Scipt Released

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As we have all waited in anticipation of Mr. Jennifer Garner's adaptation of Batman from Marvel Comics, since only the brilliant Mr. Garner could create such a masterpiece, the following script has come into my personal possession, of an inside exclusive of what Garner's Batman vision is, and it begins with two incredible quantum leap jumps in Batman is GAY.

Yes Ben Affleck's Batman is faggo, fruity and has only a dongalong for himself, in this script.

Yes, Ben Affleck's Batman is BATSOLIO, and opens with the fast paced action sequence of Batman in a pink tutu, ravaging himself, in the greatest sodomite sextacular since Caligula with Malcolm McDowell.

Fortunately we have these exclusive leaked additions to the script.

Commissioner Gordon: Batman, I do not see what replacing the bat signal with a giant anus in the sky for signaling you helps in crime fighting.

Batman Ben: I am going to have to appeal your ruling to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in your being a homophobe.

Commissioner Gordon: Batman you are insane!!!

Followed up by this very strong scene.

Alfred: Master Gordon, since your coming out of the closet, I simply can not find a detergent which will cleanse Wayne Manor, the Bat Cave, Bat Mobile, Bat Copter, Bat Cycle and Bat Ropes of the scent of feces penis.

Batman Ben: I always knew you were a homophobe Alfred. I am going to have leftists riot to demand you have sensitivity training.

Alfred: Batman you are a pervert!!!

Finally, this poignant scene with Nasty Girl.

Nasty Girl: Batman, you are not a repulsive man anymore in being gay, reminding me of used tampons

Batman Ben: I feel that we see eye to eye Nasty Girl in change we can believe in.

Nasty Girl: Batman, don't you mean genital to genital, we can relieve in?

So you can read, that this is sure to be an Oscar winning film in the spectacular script Ben Affleck has created and how his performance, simply needs an Oscar awarded to him, before he has even acted, as this is the kind of Al Gore cinema and Barack Obama leadership, we can all Jimmy our Carter into.

Batsolio, the greatest Batman of all in starring Batman Ben, the phenomenal writer who just has to show up to make great movies.