Saturday, February 25, 2017

The image Obama returns out of Focus

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sadly, Virgin Island and wrestling with Dick Branson seems to have lost it's appeal for coup plotter Obama, as liberals of France in a panic of French voting for Marine LePen have New York to compete with as Snowflakes there almost melted at the image of Obama appearing there......without the wife.

The thing is if one examines the photos of image Obama, he appears like the wax man in being out of focus, while everything else is in focus, from people to vehicles.

Now why would image Obama look like it was melting like the camera could not focus on what it really was.

There are always some distortions in expanding pixels, but image Obama looks like the wax dummy that has a low melting point in daylight.

The thing is, this is not the same Obama, as this is the Obama with the foot long chin like his fan Bruce Campbell's big ass chin. The proof is in the photos again, as Obama has a regular chin in the in focus photo and a massive chin in  the others.
Nice part is the internet is being cleansed of other Obama photos for Big Chin Obama. That would conclude that Big Chin is going to be the Obama model on display for the Obama terrorism of America as Snowflakes melt in his glorious sun.

Then again, this being pointed out that Wax Figure Obama is on the loose with the long chin, might have them replacing the model as the others from Virgin Island have disappeared after being exposed exclusively here.

What did they use to call him in Dick Tracy..........Clayface?

Nuff Said