Friday, February 3, 2017

States have Full Rights to their Borders as Does the United States

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I do not know what the Ted Cruz supporter in Mormon Representative Jason Cheffetz of Utah had intended in his bill to sell all federal lands, which brought fire from sportsman's groups, and was not something that Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke would ever agree to, as selling of lands would have meant the oligarchs and foreign nations would have bought up the American West and left the people as occupants in their own States.

The Lame Cherry though does seek in a Trump White Paper to address this dictatorial over reach of the federal system under Obama, which resulted in the murder of LaVoy Finicum, other Ranchers in the West, their cattle, and the imprisonment of the Bundy Patriots.

For the record the Lame Cherry contacted Interior about the situation of the Obama regime banning all fishing lures and ammunition on federal lands, and while the Interior spokesperson wrote back and stated that she was forwarding the questions to Fish and Wildlife (which made little sense as this was Interior Secretary directive and not USFW subdivision director), but as of almost a week, I have heard absolutely nothing from USFW and I will not, as that is the response of the former Obama regime.

Here is the letter and what I took as an insult from the spokeswoman in the "plain english" link.

Dear Sir/Madam:

Thank you for your email. I have forwarded your inquiry to the appropriate personnel in the Fish and Wildlife Service.


Krista Bibb
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Division of Policy, Performance, and Management Programs (PPM)
(703) 358-1914
5275 Leesburg Pike -- MS: BPHC
Falls Church, VA 22041-3803

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These were my plain English questions to Interior.

Hello Ms. Bibb,

For the Lame Cherry blog, this contact is initiated for information concerning Director's Order 219, which was a lead ban on federal lands.

Three questions please:

How long was this order written before it was published?

Did this order originate from the White House or is this a directive from Daniel Ashe's personal actions?

Is Interior aware that this regulation violates the Second Amendment in banning ammunition on the waters that Mr. Obama recently seized for non development in the millions of acres?

My readers will be most interested in the above answers, as will my contacts with my Congressional delegation.

Thank you,

In any case, the purpose of this Trump White Paper on Federal Lands is simple in what I would hope Western Congressmen would join in sponsoring and supporting with the simplest of laws.

Be it known, that it is forbidden for the United States Government in any form, to control more than 20% of any Sovereign State in the United States in any form, from Indian Reservation, Military Reservation, Grasslands, Wilderness Areas, Refuges, Parks, Office Space or any other form.

Be it known, that it is the Right of the People to access all federal properties freely, except Military Reservations or Office Space, and those areas will be open to any member of the public upon requesting a permit, and granted within 3 days.

Be it known, that the United States Government priority list of federal lands are:
1. Military Reservations
2. Parks
3. Refuges
4. Grasslands
5. Office space
6. Indian Reservations
7. Wilderness Areas

Be it known that Parks will be open in due seasons for the hunting and trapping of predators to provide balance to the non predatory species.

Be it known that in the above order of priorities, there will after the 20% limit is reached, all lands will be turned over to the States in stewardship, with the federal guidelines that all lands will be administered for the People in equal access of use and for use of resources in mining, forestry, grazing, hunting, fishing, trapping and camping.

Be it known the States will not sell nor develop for settlement or industrial parks the Lands in Trust.

Be it known that the Indian Reservation system will be null and void, with the Indian provided full vote and representation in the United States Government as a Citizen, will be awarded 160 acres per family unit, and look to their elected representation in their cities and counties as other Americans, and the BIA will be dismantled.
Indian sovereignty is upgraded to American sovereignty, with no special gambling or tribal police state.
Any additional reservation land will be open to homestead lottery to the Citizens of the State on a 7 year contract to deed grant to those lands.

Be it known, that no State or entity in a state will be allowed to control more than 30% of the lands in their Sovereign States.

Be it known, all federal officers who are not Border Patrol, FBI or US Marshals, will be unarmed, and their jurisdiction is the confines of the federal property.

This is the solution to the federal land and regime over reach which is criminalizing Americans and rewarding conglomerates to the harm of the Citizen.

The Federal Regime has been running communist slave camps on Indian reservations to the harm of States, grabbing lands in removing them from State tax rolls and ending development of mining and forestry to the harm of Americans, and in no place were the Founders ever advocating that DC would control most of Alaska and Nevada, with the lion's share of New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota and Arizona federally controlled mandates being a burden on those States.

The States have full right to their borders just as America has full rights to secure and administer her borders and the lands within. It is time to balance States Rights, with wise public use and development, balanced with national security and Teddy Roosevelt Management of Federal Parks, to end the land grab in America by special interests and the criminalization of Americans in their own Sovereign States.

This is the white paper for Secretary Zinke to make change for the good in States Rights and to end the persecution of the States by the special interests who own DC.

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