Friday, February 3, 2017

The Trump 30

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It was telling that the balding lezbo, Matthew McConaughey, after appearing in that unbalanced video with Amy Adams and other snowfreaks, that he was by the next week walking back his #NeverTrump insanity in stating that "we had to give Trump a chance" even if he had said things.

The reason McCon was taking that tone, is that he had a movie, in which studios have spent multiple millions, and when Matthew McConaughey uttered his screed with the snowfreaks, he alienated the Trump ticket purchasers which are most of the women who are his audience grabbing their wet pussies.
See it is alright for Matthew McConaughey to grab women's pussies in prostituting them for money at movies in his mind, and only become a problem when he is about to lose his career for attacking the audience of Donald Trump.
Yes that is a true Texas Patriot there in women matter, only when his career is destroyed by himself.

This post is about the Trump 30, and I will explain it this way, as in voting, pretty people are worth 15% at the polls, and in audiences there is a 15% group in the right wing, which media can not offend or they are lackluster in their ratings.

A good example of this is Roseanne Barr. At her zenith, she was doing a great deal of drugs with then husband Tom Arnold and would sit in ABC executive offices railing at them. The studio took it because she had a hit show. The problem arose though when in a comic routine she sang the National Anthem, and afterwards grabbed her crotch as baseball players did.
Baseball fans are God, America and Baseball, so for Ms. Barr, her thinking this was a comic routine, violated the sacredness of the National Anthem and Baseball with the crotch grab. Immediately she had a 15% drop in her viewer ratings. I monitored this and knew the beginning had started of her end, and after that 15% drop, those people all kept ranting about hating Roseanne, and this eroded her ratings further as at the coffee machine, mentioning Roseanne meant a diatribe of hating her, no defenders and watching something else, and in a few years ABC execs got their revenge in booting her ass out.

Roseanne made a mistake, and Tom Arnold has always been high strung, but being in the "leftist" group, after this episode, they have always been good entertainers in not disrespecting the audience. It was one mistake though and it cost them dearly.

The attention Roseanne Barr had in her hey day is nothing compared to Donald Trump, and the reality of Trump Voters is that they knew they had Hillary Homeland who would be carting them off to camps, and there has not been any letting up after the Inauguration in the attacks on this group, so when Matthew McConoughey thinks he can mouth up in the world of genocide in 95 million Americans unemployed and facing Muslim and Jesuit invasion, that 15% becomes a 30%, and there is not a movie or television program which can waste 25 to 100 million on a project and find that they are going to be 30 million in revenues or 30 million viewers short who will never return again, upon release.

You will notice this as Hollywood is in vain going to become Lame Cherry in producing movies and shows which appeal to Trump Voters. Those voters are not going to forget, and when a studio executive has just wasted 100 million dollars on Matthew McConaughey and he mouths off about President Trump, that hits the studios exactly where it matters, and in fact McConaughey's career is probably over as studios will not gamble on him again.

Yes there will be attempts to place the DC women's marchers into a Bruce Willis movie like crotchette Scarlett Johanssen, but it will come down to it, that Bruce Willis looking at his career will say, "I don't think so as being around Ashley Judd and this snatch terror mob, is going to ruin my career".
Studio execs will say, "I don't think so on Johanssen, because she is going to stop the box office, and it will  ruin my career". We know this, because President Trump was already making waves about Chicom money flowing into Hollywood. Mr. President understands without money that Hollywood is bearded, and with money they will make smear movies against him and Americans for years in arrogance again, as they did against Christians, Blacks and Hispanics. Muslims used to be the target, but OPEC terror money found its way to Hollywood along with Mockingbird and that ended the Arab terrorists, and why you only see White Christians as terrorists.

This is the same NBC and Spanish television who cost Mr. Trump 100 million dollars, and President Trump is not going to forget nor forgive, nor are his voting block which will grow as Mr. Trump's successes multiply.

So the Trump 30 is going to be a wall that these actors and producers are going to bash their heads against. The idiots like Matthew McConoaghey in their gated worlds had no idea what was happening in America, and thought they could get away with smearing the President. McCon though learned quickly in the business that he just ruined himself, but it was too late.

The reality is that someone like Amy Adams is at the end of her career, and if people are reminded of her snowfreak screed, her career will be over as she is old and Disney will not provide cover. Yes there are always some lunatic fringe billionaires who will put up the money for Scarlett Johanssen movies which will get no industry play, and she will probably have to do things for the money that pervert billionaires demand, but it becomes a reality that bookings do not happen on shows.

Jimmy Kimmel can set up candidate Trump in a smear, and be rewarded with the Oscars, but as ratings dump and Kimmel is viewed as the problem, ABC will dump him just as quickly as Roseanne.

Most of these millionaires are not in trouble financially and will just fade away to Comicons for attention, like Bruce Campbell who was an early smart ass attacking President Trump and his followers. The same with Patton Oswalt in challenging Donald Trump. Some of them may slip through detection if they keep their mouths shut, because idiots like Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks he can parry with President Trump in insults. It is a reality now of how the mechanics of the state work. I will explain.

The US Government is a giant Socialist bank for the conglomerates, as was intended by Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower. It collects taxes by the IRS, and then Congress which is installed by Big Koch or Steven Spielberg donations, writes laws so the Treasury writes out checks to them like the Department of Agriculture in ethanol payments or the IRS in tax laws helping movie studios. Once President Trump is in place though with his Cabinet, the tax laws change, the revenue payments change, and even companies like Apple discover they begin having problems with nations outside the United States as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has a long reach, and nations are always looking for ways to curry favor with DC and it is an easy thing for India to cause problems for Warren Buffett at his slave labor facilities there.

When President Trump removes Mockingbird funding from the CIA media, then the television, radios and movies promoting sedition lose funding, and the conglomerates have their socialist money pit removed by the Government and these companies begin having in the red problems.

Something which all of you missed is that the maker of the F 35 trimmed almost 1 trillion dollars off the cost of that contract on the election of Donald Trump. I can tell you what that was, in the Obama regime was allowing that kind of cost overrun in the F 35 and for "trouble" to happen, so that California conglomerate would be able to suck more money out of the Pentagon, and it would end up in Obama campaign coffers.

That F 35gate story is huge and I digress in mentioning it, but that is what was behind all of the Jeff Rense F 35 Turkey stories, in the F 35 has no problems. Obama allowed his cronies to create problems to extort money from the Government Treasury. That has been fixed in the military industrial complex, and when President Trump and Secretary Mattis can accomplish this in a week, what chance do you think these snowfreaks are going to have against their own studios.
- Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Yes there will always be a Martin Sheen, as he did snort his millions up his nose, and he will do things which are unbalanced, but you expect such things from Mr. Sheen and his talent is such that one forgives him as he is honestly thinking he is doing the right thing. The others though are about to meet the color of money and the people with money at the studios and conglomerates understand what Obama stole, President Trump will recover with interest.

That leaves these silly whores that the studios kept around to promote leftists in Congress to loot America, having sawed the limb off they were on. The smart ones have shut up after it hurt their careers. The not so smart ones kept talking to destroy their careers. This Trump 30% has just begun and it has the full backing of Pennsylvania Avenue now, and those pompous actors and actresses are about to learn of the black listing that Right Wing actors and actresses have faced for their entire careers.

Actors like Fran Kranz who owe their livelihood to leftists like Joss Whedon, came out with a walk the line statement of "I hope my daughter sees a woman as president someday", which is the best he can do in making Hollywood believe he is one of the fold, while not offending the very right wing audiences who pay his salaries.
Leftist Whedon though could not keep his mouth shut, nor could Nathan Fillion.

The smart ones gave the fag studios what they wanted and saved themselves. The stupid ones got themselves recorded on videos and hundreds of millions of people saw them and those people are not forgetting.

Nuff said