Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Lame Cherry National Security Clearance

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I saw that 6 people that Mike  Pence, Reince Priebus and Katie Walsh which were hired out of Trump Trans, were booted out of the White House today, much to the delight of the press.

The thing is I went to the Government Site on the 100 pages of information you have to fill out to be hired by President Trump and the forms are a breeze. Hell I could apparently be trusted to hand Melania her towel coming out of the shower.

I am actually thinking about filling a half dozen of these forms out and mailing them to investigators as I am so boring. Apparently that is what Security wants is boring. It seems there is interest in if you are banging foreigners (I wonder how Muchelle Obama passed the investigation) if you were born in a foreign land (I wonder how Val-erie Jarrett pass the investigation) and if you are a choom head (I wonder who Birther Hussein passed the investigation.)

The thing is I don't talk to people or deal with them. I don't know if they would believe me that I do not know anyone as I do not interact with people in family or friends. I just do not want the bother. So the references would be kind of hard, along with working for God in His address being Heaven.

It really appears though that I am qualified for a geniune National Security Clearance.  The thing is I read George Stephanopoulos' book on his security thing, and he did not was more like some investigator appeared and said to George something like this:

Are you boffer George?

George replied something like he smoked dope and once pretended to be a man in bed with a girl, and the investigator said he was not interested in that kind of crime, and George was cleared, until Hillary Clinton pulled his balls off and shoved him through the key hole.

I really am ready for my close up President Trump, and apparently all the other Americans are too. Odd that the FBI never asked if you leak documents to the press to get Mike Flynn, try to start nuclear war with Russia or are working for image Obama to impeach President Trump.

Now I might say that President Trump is flat assed wrong sometimes, like tomorrow, but that question does not appear on the forms, and I think it should because the President has too many Mike Pence ass kissers and someone needs to tell the President who are the traitors.

I wonder if Mike Pence had to fill this out in that Court calling him a crook in October. The nice part in the warnings at the beginning is that Mike Pence will get 5 years for lying on his form.

Oh well, I plan on filling out my forms just to be ready when for when SSWHOTTM contacts me......that is the Special Services Who Hand Out Towels To Melania. I plan to apply for foot towels position as I am looking for job security and I have been informed that position of foot towel provider gets to attend executions and in a nuclear war, I get to push the red button, if anything happens to the Air Force General. I know many people think that the official letter opener outranks the Air Force General, but I have it on good authority that the official foot towel holder, outranks the US Air Force, Marines, Army, but not the Admiral of the Navy, as the Navy comes with towels.