Thursday, February 16, 2017

Vault 7

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This has been floating around in the fringe media, and requires being addressed as Julian Assange is still working for justice in America, in actual prosecutions of the same forces who have been arrayed against President Donald Trump and are caused the resignation of Director Mike Flynn.

The leaks are titled VAULT 7, which others who follow this have explained is in relation to Vault 6, which was the release by the FBI of the last batch of Hillary Clinton's criminal papers. What is being progressed is there was an agreement by the FBI to release a batch of more crooked Hillary files, but has withheld them.

This has brought about a series of six posts by Wikileaks, which are literally a threat to the American Security State protecting those who have committed these high criminals.

1. What: Doomsday Seed Vault

2. Where: Nazi gold hording

3. When: Advanced fighter jet engine

4.Who: Whistleblowers

5. Why: B 2 base welder

6. How: Leaker

To explain this, this is apparently Wikileaks revealing evidence they have concerning the 9 11 attack on America. The what is the vault under the Twin Towers. The where is the location the contents were moved to in another location. The when is thought to be the date of the Pratt Whitney Engine which is a 119 or reversed 9 11 (Yes is Sherlock in hints). The Who are Assange, Snowden, Manning etc..

The why is a welder at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. Whiteman is Global Hawk, or the B 2, Drone global air war deployment.
Why points to why 9 11 took place or the Why the leaks are taking place. That points to someone sold American technology or the technology was employed on 9 11. There was a massive NORAD operation  taking place in America on that morning.

The how is a woman in a beret mailing an envelop, which is forthright in someone emailed Wikileaks these emails, beret means inside the military.

Some are concluding the exterior hints point to a Jewish connection.

The reality though are the proven facts in this, that Julian Assange knew of Vault 7, and the FBI covered all of this up, and it would never have been released.
The Wikileaks posts conclude that Julian Assange is blackmailing the FBI to move on release of Vault 7, and that concludes in Mr. Assange has information which is so important that he is holding it for his own security as a fail safe, and it is so damning almost 20 years after the fact, that those involved can be blackmailed to force the FBI to release documents.

That is the periphery in this, but is the obvious. There is something out there, which was moved in being valuable, which appears 9 11 connected, and there is a connection to American top secret technology, and it is all important enough to force those who are involved, to leverage the FBI, to continue the damning information release on crooked Hillary Clinton.

Those are the facts which have meaning, not what is meant by the clues. It all points to high crimes by criminals in high places, and the fail safe is so worrisome yet, that those who should be able to neutralize Julian Assange will not do it, as the information will cause these powerful people to lose power.

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