Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Two Legged Darwin Candidates

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I came across a young lad on the Foxpro site. For those who do not know what Foxpro is, it is a business which markets electronic calls at very expensive rock n roll boombox prices to people with money, instead of hunters having to learn to toot on a call like Burnham Brothers, Ed Sceery or Major Boddicker.

The youngster was lamenting that he could howl at coyotes and they would answer, but they would never come in. Others were coming up dry too and all were finding comfort in the company of misery.

In this is the lesson for predator hunters in some key elements as I remember my first Burnham call to a fox I could see on a January day in the middle of section, and all that bastard did was raise its head, look at me with disgust and went back to sleep.
This is the same call in which I blew it and my herd of cats almost ate me as they all came running for the dinner bell of the sound of a dying rabbit.

The caller was missing that he was using a call which thousands of this type have been sold. That means thousands of idiots have been teaching coyotes that people are associated with this specific sounding call, and it is not healthy to appear as curiosity kills the coyote. Coyotes are notoriously smarter than humans, and there are records of bitches moving entire packs from areas the moment a trap appears to be set for them.

So this young guy was not at fault. He was simply experiencing the reality that some nimrod came roaring up, perhaps him, which a coyote hears. Then they slam doors, WHISPER because no coyote could hear them, which it does, and they go crashing through the weeds, set up all the expensive stuff......the wind swirls instead of changes, and the coyotes just sit there and gets a PHD in human stupid.
I believe this kid was eastern, so it was lots of people and lots of trees, so lots of coyotes knowing what a human is. Compare that to a desert hunter in the west who blasts half a dozen coyotes on his hunt, simply because the coyotes are more hungry and have not had the pleasure of gaining an education from a dozen lazy dudes with money, pretending they are hunters.

Educate a coyote and you have a Harvard Obama on your hands who thinks they know every damn thing on the planet. Put a Donald Trump in the race though, and the Harvard graduate just keeps tooting his electronic call and comes up empty, because Donald Trump knows how to change the tactics to bag the yote.

In the old west when people had brains, they killed every goddamn wolf, coyote and cougar they came across, as predators kill everything and an educated one is a bitch to deal with. In the case of Old Three Toes from Dakota Territory, the wolfer who got him, had to first trap the female, kill her, and then use her glands to make a lure to bring in this killer wolf.
3 toes, because someone had let this wolf escape by not checking traps, had done a bad job of poisoning so cyanide was avoided by the wolf, and it ran every time something appeared in the country which was a danger.

Coyote calling is an art and yet it is like your not coming to couscous when it is done as you do not know what couscous is. That fox I called at once, was probably full, and it might have never heard a rabbit distress cry in its life. A mouse it might have responded to.
Those coyotes who would not come to the kid, were probably eating fawns, so a fawn bleat would be the dinner bell, as coyotes eat watermelons too, but they do not make a cry that human or canine ears can hear when you eat them.

There is a time table in this, that one howls to challenge coyotes which are pairing up the end of January on, as they are territorial. From whelping time in April to September, you can kick the hell out of them with challenge howls, coyote fights and pup in distress sounds, as the pack will come running.
In this heavy food period, a distress cry of what they are eating is attractive too.
From October on, the coyotes again respond to the howl of a coyote not familiar, but it is once again primarily the "weak female sound and pup" with the prey distress, so a bitchy coyote thinks someone is eating their prey and is going to come and put chew holes into their bloody hide.

As I am enjoying this, I am thinking about continuing on with a few more articles on varmint hunting, as far too many people have money they are not donating and spending them on electronic calls which the animals already know are bogus.

In wrapping this up, every region has animals which will respond to different calls. If you want to find out the best calls, then read the pages of people who actually have dead coyotes they shot, which are not pups. Look at their calls they rely on, and that would be a good place to start, and to also understand that using your electronic calls sparingly is a very astute strategy.
You honestly do have to think with that glob of fat between your ears. You might have to actually go out and look at coyote shit to see what they are eating and then actually practice trying to walk up on your dogs and cats, because if you can not do that........those coyotes are hearing you like you are ringing a bell and strobing a flashing light to warn them the two legged Darwin candidate is on the prowl again.