Thursday, February 2, 2017

Time for President Trump Muslim Invader Solution

File:US insular areas-B.png

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

President Trump has some interesting publicity always appearing in the Fake News. Sometimes it is sending the US Military to clean up Mexico or sometimes it is telling some Obama cocksucking mate in Australia that taking in terrorists from Oz is not the yellow brick road.

The Lame Cherry always seeks to assist everyone from President's named Donald Trump, peons from Mexico and Obama cocksuckers from Missouri.

The idea is to invade America with all these damned Jesuits and Muslims, as a 5th column for the Vatican's black robes or the Isalm that the Vatican created. The punchline in this for President Trump is that nowhere in any of this legality does it say it has to be in America, but only America these vermin are supposed to appear.

I was doing some studying on this and people do not realize that the United States has some lovely places available for numbers of these "refugee" Muslim invaders like those the Australians are trying to dump off on their good Yank mates.

First, I would like to point out that our special relationship in Muslim apologist Theresa May, the Prime Minister of Great Britain has a nice place for Commonwealth terrorists called the Falklands.
I mean what could be better than that Queen's Oz putting Queen's Brit terrorists into the Falklands, because London and DC have such a special relationship.

Here are the facts. The United States actually made a Marine landing on the Falklands in the 1800's so has a right to them, and it was American support that allowed the British to defeat the Argentinians in the Falklands War, so America really has a right to relocate all of these British and Australians on the Falklands.

Look, here are 5 islands off the Falklands just built for Muslims in the Jason Islands. America should just dump them there, as it is not like those Brits are going to start a war over Theresa May's favorite terrorists.

File:Falkland Islands topographic map-en.svg

Next up, we got Navassa Island, which Haiti is in dispute with the United States. Not like Haiti can stop America, as they could not even stop the Clinton's from economic rapine, so with some Chinaman island extending, there is a good relocation for the terrorists, until they boil their brains out and beg to be sent back to the Muslim lands.

The next best is Jarvis Island. It is part of the bird shit possessions which America acquired in the 1800's. For some reason Presidents Ford and Bush43 made guano or bird shit wildlife, but they put it under Interior, and I just say, put some more bird shit humans there, with some more Chinaman island extensions and hope for a typhoon to wash a million Muslim matt squatter invaders out to their destiny.

The Lame Cherry white paper on this is straight forward. America relocates all the Commonwealth terrorists to the Falklands and the rest of this Obama Muslim mat squatter invaders, they relocate to Jarvis Island.

In theory, I would become Commodore Cherry, Bey of the Terrorists, also known as military governor. All the terrorists would get a shovel and bucket to extend the island, a tent, a blanket, and 3 meals a day of pork sandwiches, to which they will pay America back in the bird shit they mine. I figure that kidneys and parts of livers would be good for donations to Americans in need, and at least pay for the pork sandwiches for the first year. It is up to the Muslims if they want to donate more body parts or go back to Islam.

In this reality, America deals with the refugees and makes them pay back, in no free rides as no American ever got a free ride when Indian terrorists or dying from the shits was making Americans earn their way in America.

President Trump, do not let one of these goddamned vermin into America. Deport every goddamned one of these creatures to one of these paradises, and see if every Muslim male, female and offspring has what it takes to be American. In the Old West, it was 7 years of trying to make it in terror, disease, weather and wild animals. Americans never got a free ride like these goddamned terrorist Muslims and it is time that this understanding prevails in these goddamned Muslim invaders can either stay in their United Nations free bread 3rd world spas or they are going into shit holes with a shovel to dig their own graves or dig bird shit.

If these shit holes were good enough for the British to put Napoleon into, then by God and President Donald Trump, this is where these Islamic invaders belong instead of taking food from American babies and jobs from American parents.

Nuff Said