Thursday, February 2, 2017

The End of North Dakota Terrorism

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Upon examination, the Dakota Access Pipeline is educational and amusing, in a lesson in Obama terror lawlessness and President Donald Trump law and order.

76 protesters arrested at Dakota pipeline site | Fox News

76 protesters arrested at Dakota pipeline ... The people were attempting to create a new campsite on private property as the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, ...

What all of you are missing in this, is the on ground intricacies involved in this as President Trump orders the Army Corp to shut down this terrorism which is driving up gas prices on Americans and North Dakota law enforcement finally has federal backing to deal with these Soros and Indian Terrorists.

The latest drama in this is, law enforcement was moving out the terrorists, who in turn tried to set up another camp on private property, and this time North Dakota cracked down and arrested the entire lot of almost 70 terrorists. North Dakota is learning, in they are seperating the terrorists in jails across the state in divide and conquer.


What is lost in this and you are missing the comedy is that the Indians are at war with each other. On one side you have Obama's Standing Rock Sioux Chief, David Archambeau the breed Francois trying to do the propaganda of "Me, Sioux, heap big brother to spirt of the water and spirit of peace" as they use Soros white mongrel terrorists to raise hell.
On the other side, you have Chase Iron Eyes, who is hilarious, as he is leading those trusting Christians around lying to them in interviews, and then he is unleashing on social media, instigating conflict with the federal government in coordinating the latest arrests of 70 of his group.

 Iron  Eyes

Chase Iron Eyes is right out of central casting. I have not inquired to see who he is really working for, if it Soros or the FBI, like Jesse Jackson was as a minder, but his hell raising and lying is brilliant.
People always think Indians are stupid, when the fact is the Indian is a cunning predator who can lie like Reggie Jackson to White New Yorkers in baseball season to have them eating out of the palm of his hand.

That is what was so funny in Iron Eyes frequents the Scott Hennen program, and the good Catholic Hennen believes everything Iron Eyes feeds him, and then is shocked when Iron Eyes is back on the rez raising hell and instigating trouble.

Mr. Hennen thinks that there is something political taking place, and of course this is a tribal conflict between the chuck Indian or wait around the fort Archabeau and this buck named Iron Eyes who makes Russell Means and Dennis Banks with AIM look like shit pickers.
Chase Iron Eyes has got the entire game together and is gaming everyone. He might be for tribal leadership, but his eyes are looking for the prize of Congress. If he could have helped Hillary Clinton steal this election, he probably would be sitting in the  White House as some adviser to make all Indian reservations terrorist launching points.

I will repeat a warning to Secretary Zinke and to President Trump. You had better get this Indian situation neutralized in stopping this money laundering, dope trade, communist Obama voting block of sovereignty, or the next time they get power, they are going to be made sovereign nations inside of America, and not just self government peoples.

For now though, the cast in North Dakota is trusting Christians being led around. Soros wanting to drive up oil prices. The independent oil businesses looking to make a fortune as competitors to Soros. The Obama chuck bucks. The Iron Eyes bucks who are getting funding and backing for a self promotion, in both sides thinking they are the upper hand in using the other.

There is a difference in Chase Iron Eyes as an attorney who knows the game. He is not a fraud like Michael Moore or Ashley Judd, as Iron Eyes is actually mixing it up. As one can see, Iron Eyes is quite colorful, including the bizarre case of South Dakota doctors accused of  carving KKK into the abdomen of an Indian in for heart surgery.
Yes those Obamacare doctors do elective surgeries for free when it comes to political messages.

"Iron Eyes graduated from the University of North Dakota with a bachelor's degree in political science and American Indian studies.[4] In 2007, he graduated from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, with a Juris Doctor in law (with an emphasis in Federal Indian law).[5] Iron Eyes was also the president of the Native American Law Student Association during his academic career in law school.[6] Iron Eyes is licensed to practice law within the state of South Dakota as well as in the federal courts of both North Dakota and South Dakota[4] in addition to several tribal court systems.[7]

In July 2012, Iron Eyes filed a civil suit in federal court on behalf of Vern Traversie, a blind 69-year-old Lakota man, against a South Dakota hospital. The lawsuit alleged a violation of Traversie's civil rights, citing scars that Traversie said were from doctors carving the initials of the Ku Klux Klan into his abdomen during heart surgery.[8]

In 2014 he raised $60,000 through crowdfunding for wood stoves to deliver heat to the poor people on his reservation. However, only 21 stoves were purchased with that money. Many people still question what happened to the remainder of the funds.

In 2017 action has been taken to strip Iron Eyes of his license to practice law within the state of South Dakota and in the Federal courts of the United States of America, by Congress. A critical vote soon will be scheduled following a hearing which Iron Eyes will not be allowed to be present. "

Biographies not mattering, the Dakotas now backed by President Trump, are about to rid themselves of this terror problem, and the Sioux will go back to simmering in the age old chucks and bucks, and the Soros rent a terrorists will claim great coup, and go on to some other protest they are going to be enlisted for against the American People.
So this saga will end.

I would recommend to Chase Iron Eyes, that he leave the oil patch like Means and Banks did. That Bush Foundation of Minnesota that he is a part of should be able to set him up in million dollar style out in California, where he can join Jerry Brown in cases against America, as practicing law in South Dakota is like representing buffalo chips in a pasture. He has to go to where California will hand him a law license, where idiot Californians are burning down Berkley over Milos, and the cameras are bright and pockets deep, and white folks and Mexican peons never ask questions.

He just has to convince his Bismark pediatric physician wife to think California big, because she is easy on the eyes and everyone wants a White Indian, as the reality is these Sioux are more Caucasian than Mongoloid.
Just look at Dr. Sara Jumping Eagle. They describe her as eloquent now.

Dr. Sara Jumping Eagle

Everyone has to look to the future and take care of their own. Doctors and Lawyers need to leave the Indians waiting around the fort and parle a better deal, beyond cold sod North Dakota. People just can not be like Jesse Jackson in waiting around for the presidency or some Obama is going to swoop in and be given the prize.

Terrorism in North Dakota is over, and the players has better keep in mind they do not end up like Leonard Peltier in life sentences or the DC rioters getting 10 years in prison.

Got to watch out for them husky North Dakota Norwegian women with leather gloves, as they mean business in enforcing the law and law enforcement is coming, with long jail sentences.