Saturday, February 4, 2017

What profiteth a Woman

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I used to delude myself in thinking that Americans had some semblance of morals in their souls, but that has all but vanished in my Bible collecting as most of them have some story to tell, and the latest story confirms every disgusting thing I know about the western peoples in what were Christian nations.

You know America used to be a place where the Gideon Bible was in rooms of adultery and fornication and people used to put it in the drawer out of respect, but now they use it to prop up the ass to get a deeper penetration.
The above is based on the letters of Paul and Sheila. No not the Paul and Sheila of the Bible but the Paul and the Sheila whose writings I found in those upstanding Methodist prayer books that I came across in the junk store.

I used to enjoy doing Sherlock work, but now it is like looking into a crusty crotch with a rusty nail through the heart in the stories religious books tell.

So you will know the players in this, of course good christian people, that when they die we will hear all of those lies, but here is what the Holmes concludes.

There was a woman named Beth. Probably Elizabeth, but she is a corner cutter and wanted to be free to do her own thing as Beth. She had two Methodist prayer books, a blue one and a red one.
She apparently was a real holy roller, as she had pages folded over all over the place, earmarking some great wisdom, when she was not spilling coffee at church on her divine passages, staining the pages off brown.

Any way, I can assure you, as I got it from the Methodist's mouth named Sheila, that Beth in dedicating the red book to Beth, proclaimed that Beth really knows how to pray, and was a Deacon on this day too. Yeah Methodists are the type who like anal fissures from faggots and menstrual cycles dripping in the pulpit.
I know the Beth type, as we had a real pushy Barb in our Church. She led her poor husband around by the pew, and soon enough took over, had them sell their farm, moved to Minnesota of all places, so she could be in the pulpit running things........changed from Missouri Synod Lutheran to American Lutheran, as the Norwegians go for that sodomy and feminist stuff. Ruined that guy's entire life, took him from his ancestral home, killed him, all so she could ride the pulpit and tell everyone they were going to hell lovingly.

So Beth is a prayer, and thus enters this deacon's son, Paul, whose letter I was reading and I will feature here.


Just a note to say "thanks; I love you".

It didn't seem much like Christmas to me, but you made it more
than what I thought it woull be. It meant a lot to be here.


This was written on a lined sheet of school paper folded over. The reason it was folded over is because on the main page is a card game score........I figure Smear is the game, but it meant so much to Paul about Christmas that he wrote his Mom a thank you note on a piece of garbage.

Did I mention Beth is a real prayer?

I assume Beth is real dead now too and that is what I mean by the heathen Americans, propping up asses for deep penetration in hotels, because in Beaver Cleaver's time, you know that Wally and the Beav, went home when June and Ward died, and Wally said," Hey Beav, what should we do with Mom's Bible, throw it on top of the pile of money we are hauling out, or dump it to Goodwill?"
And Beav gets this worried look and says, "Wally, we ought not be throwing out Mom's Bible as the neighbors will think we are assholes who are only in it for the inheritance and God will be mad at us for not having any semblance of fear of Him for throwing the Bible out. We better put it in the golf bag so Lumpy doesn't tell the Rutherfords and God will think we are good people".
"For a kid, you are pretty smart Beav", Wally says with a grin.

See that is what I mean in all of this. I see people going through their parents' things like a tornado. The expensive stuff and cash get taken and the Bibles get thrown out with the old sweaters that smell like cat, and they didn't have a cat. People used to at least hesitate about things in thinking God was going to get them for being bastards, but now there is not even a thought about any of this God retribution stuff in these soulless creatures.

I can understand like a friend of mine, who sold his Mom's house, because he was selling the hurts his dad inflicted on him in that house, and everyone seems on inheriting money goes out and salves themselves with a new car, as that makes everything better. I just can not fathom throwing out Bibles with your name in them, so everyone knows what a heathen you are.

It is like Nom de Deus, do not any of these people even think that perhaps the old gal was stashing 100 dollar bills in their prayer book? Not to even page through them, so they would find the evidence of their letters that prayerful Beth was so touched by, but Paul had no time for Methodist stuff, just garbage notes, as Beth apparently ruled the roost and the stress sent the husband to an early grave, which is what being a Methodist holy roler is about, and makes Christmas not feel so great for Paul and the siblings, so they sit around playing cards as what else would a Methodist do on Christmas. No need to read the Bible as they did that in church and it would be a waste of time.

Honestly, I don't think even Eddie Haskell would have thrown out a Bible as he had sense enough to not piss off God. The Cleavers yes, but God was someone Eddie Haskell never took in vain...might blame Beav for throwing the Bible out, but that is what the bad people used to be like, not the kids with parents in church.

I will keep these books for whatever reason, as perhaps someday I will need to burn them for heat. I see no need for being ordered how to be with God, but some people just need that like watching Mel Gibson movies makes them think they are saved, or listening to that horrid christian rock makes you a Christian.

It is about time to end this, with a God save Paul from himself, as he is from a family which titles and the front pew was what mattered in the power, and God was something that just got in the way, like notes to mum after the card game.