Saturday, February 4, 2017

Trump 1000 Ship Navy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When I was a young lass and thinking of becoming an Island Queendom, with a number of inventions which are now engulfing the world, I seized upon building a Navy, and it is in this Ronald Reagan 600 ship Navy, and the Navy of Donald Trump seeking to build like a 300 ship Navy, that the Lame Cherry offers the Trump 1000 Ship Navy.

Cost is what everyone is whining about in the shipyards, as Obama has spent the nation into 20 trillion dollar debt. I though offer to build an American flotilla that would dwarf Helen of Troy's, and will do it for less cost and it will be completed in 5 years, because the essence of it, it is a KEVLAR NAVY.

The first ship recorded is in the Bible and it is made of Gopher Wood. Old Ironsides was built of American Oak. The Americans then began in the Civil War to make ships of metal hulls, and the rest has been a stagnated history of super heavy ships which go very slow.

The Lame Cherry is well aware of the John Lehman Doctrine in "Thou shalt not make Sheffield frigates" or you die, because Gary Hart was harping about Sheffield class ships as they were cheap and that is what he lusted for, until the Argentinians in the Falklands blew the Sheffield out of the water with one French Exocet missile, but what I am speaking of is not some tin can to blow holes in, but man-made fibers, in layers, literally honeycombed, to withstand shock, not shatter, and literally when invaded would have properties which would cause the least amount of damage and have self sealing hulls.

My nation was going to run tri hulls or a catamaran type three hull ship for stability, speed and safety. Blow the hell out of the outer pontoons, because the inner pontoon would remain intact. It is the oldest chain mail protection of outer hulls and inner hulls.

Inventors have been making everything under the sun out of kevlar, from bullet proof vests to sail cloth.

Put epoxy, graphite or any other of a number of substances and you can make anything from canoes, to propellers to ships.

Making a Graphite-Kevlar Propeller -

Not your typical propeller. Computer Design program. ... You can mix in cotton, fiberglass, graphite, or Kevlar fibers to make a much stronger cured bond.

Carbon/Kevlar Fiber Hull vs Steel - Technical Discussion ...

It's well known that the latest in Hull Materials using Carbon/Kevlar Fiber is stiffer /stronger ... Carbon/Kevlar Fiber Hull vs ... with the right ship and ...
It literally is possible to construct a 1000 ship Navy in spun cloth and moulds. One could turn out a frigate in a month.
This is what the Lame Cherry advocates, in safe, low cost, high speed ships to project American firepower. I in not any way desire to end the super carrier platforms or the Aegis line of frigates. I do though in this high tech age of weaponry, advocate for ships that cruise at 50 knots in hydro turbans, are arrayed with particle weapons, are layered with stealth materials to be invisible, and in my Navy, every ship had the mode to submerge.
In fact the aircraft carrier which I designed, you could fit an American carrier on the deck, as I think big.
For transport ships, platform ships, medical ships and munitions ships, this Kevlar Navy would be the entire boat Navy. As testing expanded, there would be mainline ships which would advance naval power to a new generation, as others have left the dinosaur moving ships behind. 

It simply requires the directive to build it, and the next thing will be America will again be a maritime nation, whose business is constructing super cargo ships for the world markets for immense profits.........which then funds the affordable Trump 1000 Ship Navy.

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