Sunday, March 19, 2017

9 figure wealth and 6 figure salaries

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Whether this reaches the Trump inner circle or not, is not the point of this, but it is the point of what the Lame Cherry addresses is something that the majority of Americans are feeling, and have not yet put into words.

Here am I sort of unique, in I knew Donald Trump was coming to be President, before Donald Trump knew and was aware of what was taking place, while the Trump children still thought this was a publicity stunt. I knew this because the Holy Ghost told me something was generating from God, and the proof is in the archives. The Holy Ghost told me that a Jehu was being raised up, and as the person who should do the job was not available another would come, and that individual was Donald Trump.

The archives prove that God worked through the Lame Cherry to change the time line. I was the one who informed all it was Hillary and Jeb, and then I was the one who stated there was a chance they could be stopped, and when I became certain that Donald Trump was the horse to ride out of the Obama abyss, what checked off was Jeb Bush going down, the GOP going down and Hillary Clinton going down.
Last year at this exact time, my tax preparers laughed at me when I asked how taxes would be with Donald Trump as President. Now the time line is set and most people have no idea what this blog initiated in all of this.
I do not state this to brag, because all credit belongs to God. I state this as like God, someone who created the time line and completed it, we are both kicked to the curb, as the glory whores seized power which is not theirs.

I have not appreciated the direction of the Trump Trans, nor the manifestations which are driven in the press, as all I witness is Pence treachery, Kushner treachery, Ivanka treachery, Priebus Walsh treachery, Ryan treachery, and this group of "business execs" who are not believers nor any of them understand a damn thing about being crushed since Ronald Reagan.

What disturbs me most is where are the people who have not had the silver spoons or were honest in not jewing some honest people out of their jobs, their homes, their savings, so these slicks have their billions, which Mr. Trump appreciates.

Where are the people who have been shit on, have shitty lives or have shit on their shoes from working?

It is why I appreciate one of thee most accomplished of Trump advisors in Omarosa. This American Woman is one of the few in this Administration who is not a sidler like Pence, a swindler like Kushner or a slime ball like Priebus. She earned her position in Mr. Trump's presence and did not Trans it.
She is the adviser who raised hell about Black History Month. She is the adviser who appeared on Sean Hannity's program to speak to the heart of President Trump in nothing has changed, this is an 8 year Administration and he will keep all of his promises.

The question in this, is Omarosa is inside and knows the campaign promises are becoming Administration realities, but why is it that we are witnessing this endless gay parade of James Baker with carbon taxes and the Kushners pushing this, Ivanka taking tax money to promote women into jobs women are not choosing which is stressing males more and putting them into prison and poverty more,  and Ivanka is at New York plays with communist Justin Trudeau of Canada championing foreign invasion, why is it that the President has to reset and visit President Andrew Jackson's grave to lay a wreath and give a fiery speech to assure the base all of the things Omarosa is saying?

The Washington Post again filled it's pages with leakers, who revealed what is taking place in the White House.

President Trump has Steven Bannon who allied with Reince Priebus to drive the Nationalist and Conservative policy, while the Ivanka pals of New Yorker liberal financiers Dina Powell and Gary Cohn keep harping about Obama Bush kinder and swindler policies which have destroyed America.
Into this is Jared Kushner with his couch, that he sits opposing sides on  to mediate, which of course in Jewish mafia bias ends up in Mike Flynn booted out and Jeff Sessions being forced to recuse himself, without the President being informed fully.,h_630,c_limit/donald-trump-gary-cohn.jpg

If you notice in this, there are no Trump Loyalists who began this journey nor Trump Christians, so what appears out of the White House are Bannon Nationalist theory, Preibus GOPliter construct, and the New York cocktail crowd, who are absolutely vacuous of what is real American, as in the John Wayne west, and the only advocate for this is President Donald Trump and Omarosa, who are advocating for an ideal which they embrace in knowing it, but are not like someone who experienced this America.

I trust President Donald Trump. His reversals from David John Oates reveal he is an honest man who loves America and Americans, and truly is working to make America Great Again.
My concern in this is that during Ronald Reagan's Presidency he began in the right wing and Nancy Reagan pulled him to this Ivanka leftism. I do not in any way mean to convey any distrust of First Lady Melania Trump, as her Lord's Prayer and showing absolute class in not having the least lust for power by staying in New York and protecting Baron, reveal she is that wonderfully grounded Slavic voice in making it on her own by the Grace of God.

My rightful concern as all Americans is, we have not had ONE VOICE for us since Ronald Reagan's first term, and all we have had is this Bushism, Clintonism and Obamaism 100%, and now here comes people who prospered from the economic rape of America, demanding more Bush, Clinton and Obama when their voices can not be allowed a fraction of one percent as they are a cancer which grows, because the Kushner scam of couch psychology and favorite daughter Ivanka gets rebuttal time and no one has the ovaries to ask what in the hell they are still doing there after a 400 million dollar Chicom bribe to the Kushner mafia.

I am one of the Americans who has had my American Dreams destroyed a dozen times over, as I have been lied to, and had to watch rich people nation rape America and blame me for loving God and loving America. we have had in counting the last four years of Ronald Reagan, almost 35 years of this New York finance. I worked myself to exhaustion and illness, and was told I was not qualified enough for any assistance and as my daddy did not have a name to open doors for me, every door was slammed shut, and all I could do was die or suck it up in the pain and sickness to do what I could do to exist.

I have in the archives the story of being led by Joan of Arc to her book, reading it, being assisted by the Maid, in which I fought my way back from death, met the Tiger Lily, and was moved to this blog in order to accomplish what I did not know was the destiny like Joan's of anointing the Dauphin Donald to save America as Louis saved France.

The same intrigue though which move against Joan is the same intrigue which moves against America, as those who are of the palaces always take credit for the labors of the cloth of the land.

As my grandfather used to say, most people can not handle money, so God does not give it to them, and honest people do not have money, because they won't swindle people.

President Trump has certainly found every opportunist and cut throat who are embarrassed by Americans, and forget that their shit does not come in cellophane wrappers.

I see all of these insiders smiling a lot in their 9 figure wealth and their 6 figure salaries. I do not smile a great deal as I am too concerned in how these insiders are going to scrape my bones today for a few pennies more for their wallets.
The thing is when I can't pay my bills I get into legal trouble. When the Kushner's go broke they get a 400 million dollar bribe in selling Ivanka, and she is too busy cuddling with communist Trudeau to care.

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