Sunday, March 19, 2017

Wormwood's Children

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the minders are busy on Conservative Tree House smearing this blog in trying to cover for satan kisser Mike Pence, the Lame Cherry continues to track the plate shift and pressures across the globe in connection with a literal record increase of asteroids passing near earth.

All the evidence points to what has been reported here, and that is there is a force out there and it is still incoming. We are still in a phase where the "small fragments" are being washed in, in the wake of this force.  This will be an interesting study in the collection of objects in relation to where the largest debris is collected.

The evidence points to the earth is being squeezed in a viscous response like a pimple on the plates and volcanoes are erupting.
It is fascinating in the plates are not shifting for larger earthquakes. meaning the plates are not being pulled to move them, but a global effect is taking place. Is it compression or is it magnetism pulling the inward parts of the earth outward.

15 new volcanoes erupt around the world right now

Sinabung, Indonesia: 8-14 March.
Sheveluch, Kamchatka Peninsula: 5th and 8-9 March.
Sabancaya, Peru: 8-14 March.
Nevados de Chillan, Chile: 7th and 11th March.
Kilauea, Hawaii: lava flows during 8-14 March.
Fuego, Guatemala: 9-14 March.
Ebeko, Kurile Islands: 3-10 March.
Dukono, Indonesia: 8th and 10-14 March.
Colima, Mexico: 3-9 March.
Bogoslof, Aleutian Islands: 7th and 13th March.
Bezymianny, Kamchatka Peninsula: 9th March.
Bagana, Papua New Guinea: 14th March.
Kliuchevskoi, Kamchatka Peninsula: 8th March.
Ebulobo, Indonesia: 12th March.

These are magma type volcanoes, wet works, and not dynamic caldera pressure releases.

And onto the friendly visitors. I do hope that an ample one pastes the lunar surface as history revealed took place. Be a wonderful experience to witness the moon in a dust cloud and a new crater appearing, visible to the naked eye.

A newly discovered asteroid 2017 FS flew past Earth at 0.27 LD (103 680 km / 64 423 miles) from the surface at 03:33 UTC on March 19, 2017. It was first observed at Mt. Lemmon Survey on March 17.

Asteroid 2017 DV36 flew past Earth at 1.02 LD
A newly discovered asteroid named 2017 DV36 flew past Earth at 1.02 LD (391 680 km / 243 378 miles) on February 27, 2017. Its closest approach occurred at 02:57 UTC. 2017 DV36 belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids. It was discovered by Mt. Lemmon Survey on...
February 27, 2017
Asteroid 2017 DS109 to flyby Earth at 0.90 LD
Asteroid 2017 DS109 will flyby Earth at a distance of 0.90 LD (345 600 km / 214 745 miles) from the surface of our planet at 14:29 UTC on March 5, 2017. This asteroid belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids. It was first observed by Pan-STARRS 1, Haleakala on...
March 04, 2017
Asteroid 2017 EA flew past Earth at 0.05 LD
A newly discovered asteroid named 2017 EA flew past Earth at an extremely close distance of 0.05 LD (19 200 km / 11 930 miles) from the surface of our planet at 14:05 UTC on March 2, 2017. This is the 7th known asteroid to flyby Earth within 1 lunar distance since...
March 02, 2017
Asteroid 2017 DR34 to flyby Earth at 0.57 LD
A newly discovered asteroid named 2017 DR34 will make a very close approach to Earth, passing only 0.57 LD (218 880 km / 136 005 miles) from the surface of our planet on February 25, 2017. This is the second near-Earth asteroid to flyby within 1 lunar distance since...
February 24, 2017

Just cataloging data as proof of what was being warned of many moon ago here.

Oh I do look forward to the day those who have attacked me, having to face Christ's Judgment Throne in getting this Great Tribulation thing rolling.

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