Friday, March 24, 2017

Dunce, Duncer and Duncest on Obamacare 2.0


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The one question in this Obamacare 2.0 which President Donald Trump needs to ask himself is, "Do you like having egg on your face from Paul Ryan and Mike Pence?"

I have never been in a meeting with Donald Trump and never will, but after listening to the FU of Paul Ryan in pulling the Obamacare 2.0 bull today, I know for certain what Paul Ryan is, because Rep. Louie Gomer explained what a sit down with Ryan is.

Most of you have had "listening sessions" with your bosses, but most of you have absolutely no idea what is behind them, as the board has no damned care about hearing what your bitchy and stupid ideas are, as this  a listening session is conning employees into thinking they are being heard, that things will change and that the company values you. When in effect you get some toilet paper in the washroom and get to work yourself to death harder as cutbacks take place.

That is all Paul Ryan is about. What happened on this Dead Friday of Obamacare was PLANNED. This was planned from last year.

Ryan to meet with Pence and Priebus on Wednesday - POLITICO

Paul Ryan will huddle Wednesday with Vice President-elect Mike Pence and incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus on Capitol Hill, the speaker ...

This group of #NeverTrumpers never intended to pass this bill. They made Donald Trump pick the day of Obamacare to repeal it, in high drama, so Mr. President would have more shit on his face FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND.
Ryan colluded with Pence and Democrats for this bill to come up, They built it on Obamacare completely as it is the same bill as the Lame Cherry exposed. They then sat down, conned around 70 House members that their opinions matter and just like border reform 4 years ago, as Rep. Gomer noted, a bill appeared which was nothing the GOP wanted or talked about.

For the facts in this, Paul Ryan LIED to Sean Hannity in stating he had a consensus bill. We know this because no on in Congress saw the thing. Ryan in pulling this bill, AGAIN LIED, in stating this was a consensus bill, when all this was, was Paul Ryan writing a bill to entitle Chamber of Commerce six figure salary workers and rationing death to poor people who vote democrat, under the guise of getting the monopoly insurance companies to play Big Koch ball on Wall Street.

This was never about President Trump keeping his word. This is about President Trump being humiliated, getting him to threaten his base, and getting Mr. Trump furious at the base for Mr. Trump's demise.

I will repeat that any member of Congress  can file a bill, and if enough members are sponsors, then it will be passed toot sweet out of Committee.

I will repeat what needs to be done for this for the sake of the Trump Presidency now in limbo and it is injured.

First, President Trump demands that Mike Pence go out, and take full responsibility for this failure, as this was his ONE JOB to pass this repeal, and he deliberately conspired against the President. Mike Pence must be made to resign in order to protect the President.
Katie Walsh must be an example and fired for it was her coordinating which allowed this to take place.

Replace Pence with Rogers or Beutler, from the House as VP with the task to GET THIS REPEAL done, with FAIR MARKETS AS PROMISED.

Second, bring in Tom DeLay to hammer this out, as anyone who can pass Terri Schiavo protection in 10 hours can do more in Trumpcare.

Place HHS Sec. Tom Price with Rogers, DeLay, Beutler, Freedom Caucus, the Moderate Republicans, and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer into a room to write this bill.
Democrats get to write the bill to protect the poor, in being based on Registered Nurses mandated to triage patients, in dispensing medicines, etc...., everything except surgeries.
Republicans write the free markets part.
In all of this, this is NOT A TAX, NOT A MANDATE BUT CHOICE, and all the illegals are forbidden from this which are bankrupting the system, and there are no subsidies or entitlements.

I can give you an example of "cost reduction" in my Mom when she broke her hip, was in the hospital, instead of a nursing home. She never saw the doctor for 2 weeks. It was all RN's and physical therapists. People do not need a doctor for 90% of the work done in medical visits. Costs can be brought down immensely in this with a robotech overseeing the treatments, just as people do looking things up online.

I digress, but President Trump must blame who is to blame, make examples of them, and make this a priority in a new team to drive this through in a week. Rand Paul has a bill already written. Just tweak it a little, include the democrats and if they screw it up, throw them off the team, write that portion too, and pass this thing written on CONSENSUS.
Poor people are not going to get cadillac plans if they can not pay for them, no more than they can drive a cadillac when all they can afford is a ford. Democrats can take this home to run on and Republicans can take this home to run on, and Donald Trump is seen as a winner, and I WILL REPEAT AGAIN, that the economic bill was written by Jack Kemp for Ronald Reagan in the 1980's, so that bill can be passed before the end of April.

President Trump was ill used. I am not going to make excuses for him or read his mine. All I intend to do is to provide the best counsel he is not receiving, and get his promises to America kept. He needs cover in someone  to blame, and the dunce, duncer and duncest are the exact trio who are to blame.

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